The Stink Bugs Are Coming, The Stink Bugs Are Coming…Oh My! Part I Of II

Many people have been asking me recently “how bad is the stink bug situation actually going to get?”  Nobody knows for certain but New Jersey pest professionals warn that the New Jersey stink bug population is sure to worsen this year in comparison to 2010.  Most of these creepy New Jersey stink bugs are currently hiding in various locations throughout our homes and businesses.  During the chilly fall weather, the stink bugs worked their way into attics, under siding, in walls, and under insulation, seeking a warm spot to spend the winter months.  If you have not already noticed an increase in stink bug numbers yet, NJ pest control experts warn that these stinky bugs will soon be emerging and causing trouble for homeowners once again.

Just for fun, my neighbor thought he would try various products that he had around the house to see if anything worked at killing these stealthy hard shelled menacing bugs.  He reports using a variety of different spray pesticides that kill different types of bugs.  Armed with an arsenal of poison, in the late fall he headed to his back deck to take on the wall of stink bugs that were perched upon his siding.  He tried several types and brands of spray, but the stink bugs only flew away for a few minutes and then returned back to the wall.  Sure that he had found the most powerful product to kill the stinky pests, he took his place on the edge of his deck and took aim from 6 feet away and blasted the wall of stink bugs with the entire can of wasp and hornet spray.  The stink bugs did not like this pesticide and immediately left the wall and flew directly into my neighbor, spewing their horrible stench, in what appeared to be some sort of attack mode.  With the wall dripping in wasp and hornet spray, the stink bugs slowly returned to their spots upon the siding to continue their sun basking.  It should be noted that not one single stink bug died (except the one that was stepped on) despite all of the pesticides that were used.  Yes indeed, they are stealthy bugs!

Please check back on Monday for the conclusion.

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