How Many Bed Bugs Does It Take To Become An “Infestation”?

New Jersey pest control professionals continue to be kept on their toes treating bed bug infestations in homes and businesses.  The reports of bed bug infestations continue to climb throughout the United States.  With the summertime travel season in full swing, industry experts are expecting the number of bed bug infestations to continue to rise.  Despite the media coverage, many people will still encounter bed bugs while they travel.  Unfortunately…some folks won’t even need to leave town to find the buggers, because they will be lurking just around the corner!

A busy Kentucky public library has found bed bugs lurking in their main library, but officials believe that the library is still a safe place for patrons to visit.  Reports are that two bed bug sniffing dogs were called to the library in question and they found evidence of bed bugs on “isolated pieces of furniture on the first, third, and fourth floors of the library, and in some staff areas.” You may read the full article for more information.

Since the discovery of the bloodsuckers, the library removed the affected furniture so that it could undergo heat treatment, and has begun a rigorous regime of vacuuming two times per day.

Bed bugs are prolific breeders and will hide in any crack or crevice.  Libraries, and the books they house, provide amble places for these sneaky pests to hide in wait until they are ready to seek out their next victim.  Their tiny stature and ability to withstand a blood meal for up to 18 months makes them a formidable pest.  Bed bugs could easily hitch a ride home with unsuspecting library patrons in the book bindings, pages, or they could even just crawl into a lone purse, backpack, or article of clothing.

Pest control experts will surely be able to rid the library of these blood thirsty pests…hopefully before their numbers grow!