NJ Pest Control Pro’s Can Kill The Bloodsucking Pests

New Jersey pest control experts say that it seems that little vampires that suck your blood are everywhere you turn these days no matter what state you live in.  From east to west coast, the insides of home and businesses are being inundated with beastly bed bug attacks.   Spend any time outdoors in the early morning hours or evening time and blood thirsty mosquitos won’t hesitate to stab you like a knife to obtain a good meal.  Then when you least expect it, and are feeling safe playing in your own backyard, another creepy blood thirsty pest…the tick…awaits patiently for the perfect opportunity to climb aboard your body and endure the wild ride because you’re on the dinner menu.  Isn’t summer grand?  It certainly is if you’re a blood thirsty pest!

Bed bugs can be avoided by being very watchful for the critters while you are on travel this summertime.  Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers which will not hesitate to use your belongings, or even you personally as a means of gaining access to your home or business.  Once inside, a pair of bed bugs can turn into 30,000 bed bugs in just 10 short weeks so it’s imperative that you call a licensed New Jersey pest control expert at the first sign of an infestation.  Early detection and elimination is the key to quick eradication with bed bugs.

Mosquitos and ticks can be avoided if you never step outside during the spring, summer and fall months…but who wants to do that!  Mosquitos and ticks are nasty creatures that are known for their bite and the viruses and disease causing pathogens that they carry and transmit to humans.  Experts recommend wearing insect repellant that contains DEET as a preventative measure and wearing protective clothing.

You can also avoid unwanted pest exposure by having the perimeter of your home protected by the Home Pest Protection Service Plan from Allison Pest Control.