The Disgusting Habits Of House Flies

HOUSE FLIES…Everyone has encountered them at some point in time.  There are over 300,000 species of flies that have currently been identified report pest control professionals in Ocean Country, NJ.  They are a common household pest both indoors and outdoors.  Flies are often just brushed away as an annoying creature that is a bother at backyard barbeques or critters that happen to get trapped inside of the home.

In comparison to some home invading insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, and ants, flies may seem like a tame insect to have flying around.  Here are some interesting fly facts that will likely make you think differently about the pests…

• House flies don’t bite.  That’s about the only good news about these insects!

• House flies have a airly short lifespan…typically ranging about 30 days.

• Female flies will lay about 30,000 eggs in their short life.  Eggs will hatch in 10-14 days.

• House flies feed off of food, rotting animal carcasses, or even feces!

• Flies vomit on food before they eat it.  Yuck!

• House flies lay their eggs when they land on the food that they feed upon.  You never know where that fly that has landed on your dinner plate has been.  Are you still hungry?

• Flies defecate every four to five minutes…on any place that they land.

You can spend your time walking around your home with a fly swatter and patrolling your yard like a Nazi, yet never kill off all the nasty flies that are lurking about.  Contacting a pest control specialist in Ocean County, NJ can help keep disease ridden flies to a minimum!