Spiders…Should I Be Afraid?

When most people think of spiders, they do not have good thoughts.  In fact, some people suffer from Arachnophobia, which is acute fear of spiders.  Most spiders are not poisonous, yet they are one of the most feared creepy crawlers on the planet report Monmouth County pest control experts.

The Mail Online reported on June 12, 2012, that scientists in the United Kingdom may have identified why spiders are so disliked by so many people around the world.  Researchers have discovered that many humans are afraid of how spiders look and how they move.  It has also been discovered that people who have a fear of spiders do so because of the unpredictably of the spiders reactions.  Another interesting thing that scientists have discovered is that humans prefer insects that have curves, rather than those which have angular shapes.  Humans also have a problem with insects that have dark colors as opposed to those that are colorful.  This explains why many people like insects such as the bumble bee, lady bugs, and butterflies, but not spiders, cockroaches, stink bugs, moths, ants, etc.

Scientists also note that the fear of spiders and other insects begin with the parents.  If parents are fearful of spiders, then children in the household will eventually have a fear of them as well.

In England, researchers held a public session for residents to help them gain an understanding and sympathy for spiders and other types of insects.  As part of the learning technique, mealworms were cooked in a stir fry for attendees of the festival. Many might agree that that is taking the lesson plan too far!

My guess is that it is unlikely that you will find people who are willing to fry up and dine on any type of spider in the United States.  Until then, a Monmouth County, NJ pest control expert can help to keep spider populations down around your home or business by providing regular pest control treatments.  Call Allison Pest Control for help with spiders or any other type of invading creepy crawler.