What Is A Silverfish?

They are silver and slither around like a fish, but they are not a fish at all.  Silverfish are small, scaly, shiny, wingless, soft bodied, grayish little pesky bugs that infest homes both indoors and out.  Silverfish adults are about ¾ of an inch long.  They have long antennae, a flattened body and an interesting tail with three long projections.

Much like the taste buds of ants, silverfish are attracted to New Jersey homes by food and drink products that are left unattended report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  Crumbs on the floors or counters, or a spots of sugary liquids that are left overnight will call in the silverfish cavalry.  Because they require a good amount of water for their survival, silverfish are also attracted to areas where pipes are leaking.

Silverfish like to live in dark, damp locations of a home.  They are often seen in basements, bathrooms, and kitchen areas.  Because of their slim stature, these pests are able to hide in the tiniest of cracks or crevices.  Like cockroaches, silverfish also have a taste for eating glue.  Don’t be surprised to find these slithering pests under drawer protective sheets or hiding behind wallpaper on the wall.  They are also often found living among the bindings of books.

The first step to keeping silverfish (as well as other insects) out of your home is to keep your home clean and free of food and drink droppings.  Although silverfish are considered to be medically harmless, a home can become seriously infested without proper pest control treatment from a Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional.  Call Allison Pest Control for help with silverfish or any other type of bothersome pest that you encounter.