Pantry Pests Make For Unpleasant Holiday Baking

At some point in time every homeowner has likely encountered some sort of pantry pest report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  Sometimes the pests are present in some sort of stored food product and accidentally consumed.  It can be a surprise awakening to open a bag of flour with intention on making Christmas cookies only to find creepy little bugs crawling around inside.

In most cases pantry pests are transported into a home inside of packaged food products.  Once pantry pests are inside of their food source they do not typically leave the area.  They spend their lives nibbling away on food products and laying eggs.  Pantry pests are able to chew through many types of packed food products thereby spreading the infestation from food item to food item with ease.  Because the conditions of the interior of our homes are good for the survival of pantry pests, they will continue to breed, completing several generations within a year.

Pantry pests will feed upon a variety of human and pet food products that are stored in paper containers.  Those that are left unused for an extended period of time are more susceptible to panty pest invasions.  Powdered milk, spices, dried fruits, nuts, flour, pasta, cereal, corn starch, crackers, breads, bird seed, and dry pet food are all items that pantry pests seek out.

Pantry pests come in a variety of different insects.  They can be moths, beetles, or weevils.  Immature pantry pests will look like grub or caterpillars.  They all can be difficult to spot initially as they are often the same color as the food products that they have invaded.

If you spot pantry pests in your New Jersey home, contact Allison Pest Control.  We will be able to thoroughly eliminate the invading pests and stop their spread to other food products.