Do Termites Make Sounds?

Termites are social insects that communicate with each other like other social insects species do.  Termite infestations must be taken seriously and addressed quickly as termite colonies are able to consume up to fifteen pounds of wood each week according to Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.

A friend called from out of state and asked if termites made sounds if they were in a structure.  Apparently, his dog began starring at a wall in the family room and eventually began to bark insanely at the wall.  My friend took the pooch to the vet thinking Spike was going bonkers.  The vet gave a clean bill of health.  Within the next month, the wall starring and barking continued off and on.  The real trouble began when Spike began to dig at the living room floor.  Not hearing anything himself, my friend decided to pull back the carpeting.  He was shocked to see a basketball sized hole that was swarming with termites!

Sometimes subterranean worker termites enter through the crack or crevice of a buildings foundation.  Some termites will make a strange clicking sound when they are inside of the walls, in the flooring or other area that they have infested.  Another common sound that termites make is “scratching”.  Some people report hearing odd scratching sounds within walls or furniture pieces.  Often times an inspection by a pest control professional determines that the “scratching” is in fact termites munching away at the wood.

One of the most unnerving and interesting sounds termites make is caused by their head banging.  When a nest is discovered, soldier termites will aggressively bang their heads and bodies to let other colony members know that it is time to immediately leave the area they are in.  This spooky knocking sound is easily identifiable to the human ear.