Important Information About New Jersey Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are known for their aggression and notoriously painful stings report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators.  Residing in a variety of locations such as stone walls, porches, bushes, trees, wall voids, and abandoned rodent holes in the ground, yellow jackets can attack both human and pets at any time, even when they are not being bothered.  Their well hidden nests are camouflaged in so many different areas which is one reason that they are inadvertently disturbed.

When spending time outdoors at the pool or enjoying a backyard barbeque or park picnic, yellow jackets are uninvited guests that will quickly spoil the fun as they attracted to human foods and drinks.  Meat, sweets, and even human sweat will draw the yellow jackets in from a good distance away.

Many people do not know that yellow jackets are especially attracted to clothing that is dark in color.  In addition, wearing perfume, heavy smelling deodorant, or hairspray, or any other type of fragrance will also call these pests towards people.

An important thing for everyone to remember when it comes to yellow jackets is that once one is swatted at, it will send an alarm signal to the rest of the members of the hive that it is in trouble.  Those swats, even if they do not make contact, can result in a full-scale attack from an angry group of yellow jackets coming to defend their mate.  If a yellow jacket is stepped on or squashed, the ruptured venom sac will alert the other yellow jackets in the colony into attack mode as well.

Some yellow jacket stings can be a painful inconvenience and some can be a life threatening medical emergency.  Monmouth County, NJ exterminators recommend that yellow jacket nests only be removed by an experienced exterminator.