Take Steps To Prevent Carpenter Ants From Attacking Your NJ Home

One of the most aggressive and problematic ant species in New Jersey, wood-destroying carpenter ants tunnel into wood, excavating large galleries to house their colonies and nurseries. Part of Mother Nature’s recycling team; carpenter ants typically colonize fallen tree limbs and rotting stumps on the forest floor, helping to reduce wood debris to soil-enriching mulch.

These large ants require a constant source of moisture to survive and prefer easily-excavated soft wood. In the absence of rotting tree stumps, carpenter ants will seek out moisture-damaged wood along the foundation walls of Ocean County NJ homes or inside interior walls where plumbing leaks often create an ideal environment for carpenter ant colonies.

Implementing the following recommendations from Allison Pest Control’s experienced carpenter ant extermination experts will make your New Jersey home less attractive to carpenter ants:

• Trim dead limbs from landscape trees and shrubs and remove old stumps.
• Store firewood away from the house.
• Prune shrubbery away from windows and doors.
• Trim overhanging tree limbs so they don’t brush against the roof.
• Leave space between wood mulch and foundation walls.
• Drain standing water from foundation areas.
• Eliminate moisture problems in basements and crawl spaces.
• Repair and seal plumbing and roof leaks promptly.
• Repair broken or clogged gutters.

Allison Pest Control Home Protection Plans provide regular pest inspections by Monmouth County NJ pest extermination experts. Not only do preventive measures keep carpenter ants and other pests from invading your Ocean County NJ home; but if pests do come calling, they are quickly identified and eliminated ensuring that your NJ home stays blissfully pest-free.