Decks And Wasps Go Hand In Hand

Wood decks are an excellent location for many species of wasps to establish a colony.  During the springtime when wasps emerge from their overwintering spots, they often look for a suitable nesting location that is in close proximity.  Decks that are built close to the ground are especially prone to wasp infestations due to the fact that they provide suitable shelter for new nesting spots.  Decks, even if they are pressure treated, that are close to the ground also attract a variety of ant species.

Low lying decks make detecting wasp or ant infestations difficult as they are often too tight to the ground for humans to become close enough to fully eradicate the pesky creatures.  Some types of wasps will build small nests on the underside of decks and will live a solitary life.  Wasps such as mud daubers and paper wasps do not pose much of a problem for humans as they are rarely aggressive.  Paper wasps do not become aggressive unless their nest is built next to a doorway and they are continuously disturbed.  Mud daubers are never aggressive and will not defend their nest.

Yellow jacket wasps will take advantage of a low lying deck and build their nest underneath in a well-protected area.  As the summer months move forward, the nest will swell to greater capacity.  Yellow jackets are considered to be aggressive wasps.  Yellow jackets will not hesitate to signal other yellow jackets in the colony to defend the nest if they feel threatened.

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