Stink Bugs…A No Good Stinky Pest

As the cold weather begins to approach New Jersey, some types of pests will be looking for a place to bed down for the winter.  Some of these uninvited guests will be obnoxious and some you will barely know that they have arrived.

Insects such as ladybugs and boxelder bugs will use your New Jersey home throughout the winter and there’s a good chance that you will never even see them.  The brown marmorated stink bugs however are completely different when it comes to joining humans for the winter.  It’s bad enough that we now know that there are likely thousands of stink bugs hiding in our attics, sheds, garages, and under the siding of our New Jersey homes each winter.  Stink bugs are such bad house guests that they also invade the interior of homes as well.

From late August throughout June, obnoxious stink bugs will be creeping up curtains and walls, across stairs and fluffy pieces of furniture.  Sitting down to watch television is a new adventure as stink bugs often join NJ residents just to give them a stir.  One dare not squish the dreaded stink bug or they will be left with an eye watering stench.   Those who suck them up in their vacuum cleaner will remember their mistake until the vacuum bag is long gone.

The best way to keep stink bugs from overwintering in your home is to hire a Monmouth County, NJ exterminator like Allison Pest Control.