Fleas and Ticks – a Year Round Threat

Many people think that when the weather becomes cold that all insects die off until the spring.  While this may be true with some types of insects, other pests are still a threat report Monmouth County NJ exterminators.


Fleas can hitch a ride on pets inside of homes.  Flea pupa (eggs) remains well hidden in furniture, pet bedding, and in and under carpet.  Once they develop they will wreak havoc upon pets and humans alike.  Many people believe that they are immune from having fleas in their home if they have wood flooring, but flea pupa are tiny and are able to wiggle into the smallest cracks between the slats.  The best way to fully eradicate fleas is to professionally treat pets on a regular basis and hire a Monmouth County NJ exterminator with experience in flea removal.


Ticks have one goal which is to receive a blood meal so that they can reach their next level of development.  During the fall and winter, ticks take advantage of the fallen leaf debris to provide cover and warmth during the winter months.  Their overwintering spot does not preclude them from taking advantage of any passing animal or human which could provide a blood meal.  Ticks will also use firewood as a place to overwinter which in turn allows them easy access into NJ homes.

NJ homeowners can keep all types of unwanted pests out of their home by calling a Monmouth County NJ pest control expert like Allison Pest Control.  Our extensive knowledge of pest control will keep pests out during all times of the year.