What Damage Can Squirrels Cause in Your Attic?

Do you think of squirrels as those cute furry animals frolicking in your yard and nibbling on acorns? You’ll have a lot darker picture of them when you learn what havoc they can wreck in your attic.

Squirrels view your home as just a different type of tree with the attic serving as that big hollow space they love to inhabit. Thanks to their climbing ability they can access the smallest hole or crevice at the top of the house to enter undetected.

Once inside, they’ll carry on all their usual outdoor activities. In fact, your first clue as to their presence is probably the sound of them scurrying overhead. Those sharp teeth they use on acorns can quickly do serious damage to both the attic’s structure and any items stored inside. Chewed electrical wiring can pose a real threat of fire.

A squirrel’s pungent urine can also be as destructive as a water leak. It saturates the insulation and causes damage as it soaks into the ceilings below. Their feces are also difficult to clean up and may carry germs such as salmonella. Squirrels can also bring along other unwanted guests in the form of ticks and fleas that may infest both humans and pets.

The NJ squirrel control experts at Allison Pest Control can rid your home of this problem. Our trained and licensed technicians will safely and efficiently remove all traces of squirrel infestation as well as repair minor damage to eliminate the points of access. Contact us at 800.564.4585 for expert answers to your questions.