Exterminating NJ Termites Is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

A Subterranean Termite
A Subterranean Termite

Termite extermination is not a do-it-yourself project. Successful extermination requires that all members of the termite colony, including the queen hidden deep in the nest, be killed. To achieve successful termite extermination, termite exterminators NJ use specialized tools and termiticides available only to professionals. Specialized training and precise placement of baits or barriers is necessary to ensure that all members of the termite colony, which can number in the hundreds of thousands, are affected.

Extermination Methods for Termites

In New Jersey two termite extermination methods are used: bait systems and exterior barrier systems. Both methods are safe and effective when installed by trained and experienced professionals and kill termite colonies by employing termites’ own social behaviors against the insects. While the exposure methods are difference, both bait and barrier systems expose termites to a slow-acting termiticide. When termites return to their nest, they spread the poison to other termites through normal feeding and grooming activities before dying. Eventually, all members of the colony are killed, including the nymphs and queen.

Why Biologics Don’t Work to Control Termites

For half a century, scientists have been trying to develop a biological method of controlling termites without success. A new discovery by University of Florida entomologists has revealed the reason for their failure (click the link to watch an informative video). Subterranean termites incorporate their own feces into the construction of their nests. These fecal nests promote the growth of beneficial bacteria which act as a natural antibiotic, protecting the colony by killing invading pathogens and microbes.

While the search for a biological extermination method continues, the bait and barrier systems used by Allison Pest Control remain the most reliable and effective means of exterminating NJ termites. Protect your Monmouth County or Ocean County home; call us to schedule a termite inspection today.