Spring Heralds Beginning of NJ Ant Season

Citronella Ants
Citronella Ants

As soon as the ground warms up, New Jersey ants are on the move. Many, but not all, ant species live in underground nests below the frost line where ground temperatures remain in the 50s year-round. Unless ants nest inside your home, chilly temperatures and frozen ground make ants an infrequent winter pest in Monmouth and Ocean counties. But as soon as the ground thaws and temperatures start to climb, ants can again be seen swarming over sidewalks, crawling through gardens and trailing across kitchen floors.

What NOT to Do When Ants Invade

Ants play an important role in nature but become a problem when they invade your Monmouth County home or business. Their large numbers and secretive nesting sites can make ant infestations difficult to eliminate. The one thing you do NOT want to do when ants invade is spray them with house or garden insecticide. Spraying ants can actually make your ant problem worse. You might kill a few dozen ants, but these canny insects will simply find a new path to your kitchen trashcan or tabletop honey jar. Changing their foraging path makes it more difficult for professional ant exterminators NJ to determine nest locations and eliminate the infestation.

What You Should Do When Ants Invade

When ants invade, immediately call a professional ant exterminator NJ for fast, effective elimination of your problem. If you’re worried about invading pests, we invite you to sign up for a free pest inspection by one of Allison Pest Control’s professional pest technicians. We offer free pest inspections within our Monmouth County and Ocean County service areas in central New Jersey. If you have an immediate pest problem, call us at 800-564-4585 for fast, professional service. Our experienced techs can usually be there within 24 hours.