Got Ants? Don’t Spray Them; Call an Exterminator

Ant Control
Ant Control

It’s human nature. You see a column of ants marching across your kitchen floor and you reach for the spray. Problem solved! Well, not really. You might not see any ants for a few days, but they’ll be back.

The Problem with Insect Sprays

Monmouth County homeowners can spend the spring and summer in a never-ending battle against these determined insects. But, as expert ant exterminators NJ will tell you, all that spraying will never solve your ant problem and can actually make it worse. What should be of even greater concern to Ocean County homeowners is the dangerous impact repeated use of home and garden pesticides can have on the health of your family and pets.

When you spray ants, the insecticide will kill any ants it lands on but it won’t have any effect on the tens of thousands to millions more ants back in the home nest. It may take foraging workers a couple of days to find a new route to the tempting smorgasbord in your kitchen trashcan or on your breakfast table; but they will. And with millions of workers at their disposal, ant colonies can attack again and again and again.

How to Get Rid of Ants

The only way to permanently get rid of an ant problem is to exterminate every member of the ant colony, especially the egg-bearing queen. Spraying just forces ants to seek new foraging routes; making it more difficult for ant exterminators NJ to locate their nests. Spraying can also force ant colonies to split and form new colonies nearby, multiplying your problem.

The smartest thing to do when ants invade your Monmouth County home is to immediately call Allison Pest Control’s ant extermination experts. We’ll get rid of your ant problem once and for all!


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