How to Keep Carpenter Ants Out of Your Home

Carpenter Ant Control
Carpenter Ant Control

Big and black, carpenter ants are the undisputed kings of the New Jersey ant kingdom and a formidable wood destroying pest. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood; but the tunnels they carve into wood are nearly as destructive. Carpenter ants live in wood planks and beams, chewing long tunnels and large galleries into the wood to house their colonies and nurseries.

In time a carpenter ant infestation will create a “honeycomb” effect, leaving a hollowed out interior covered by a thin veneer of wood. An undetected carpenter ant infestation can weaken structural timbers and eventually lead to structural collapse.

Prevent An Insect Invasion

Taking the following preventive measures can prevent carpenter ant damage to your Monmouth County home or business and will also help keep other New Jersey ants and insects from invading your home:

• Repair leaky pipes and roofs promptly. Carpenter ants and termites need water to survive and are attracted to damp wood.

• Move stacks of firewood away from your house. Stacks of unfinished wood exposed to the elements are a magnet for insects and mice.

• Remove construction debris and lumber from crawl spaces and yards. Like firewood, old lumber provides a home for unwanted insects.

• Scrape wood mulch a foot or so away from the foundation of your home. Wood mulch provides cover that allows carpenter ants to access foundation timber and ground-level window and door sills. Use stone mulch around foundations.

• Prune overhanging trees and landscape plants away from the walls and windows of your home to remove landscape “bridges” to window and door frame wood.

• Sign up for an Allison Pest Control Home Protection Plan for year-round protection against carpenter ants and other pests.