Exterior Treatment Is Best Way to Exterminate Clover Mites

Mite Extermination
Mite Extermination

As soon as spring temperatures reach the 70s, clover mite eggs hatch and these tiny red mites start swarming over sunny building walls, plants and tree trunks by the thousands. If you are gardening where clover mites are present, they will swarm over your gloves or shoes and up your arms or legs. Plant-eating nuisance pests that cannot harm you, their numbers and rapid swarming behavior make clover mites an unwelcome pest.

What Are Clover Mites?

Smaller than a pin head, clover mites found in Monmouth County, New Jersey are usually dark red, although they may also appear to be rusty brown or olive green in color. Immatures, which hatch when temperatures are between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, are bright red.

Harboring in foundation cracks and behind siding, it is not unusual for clover mites to invade Ocean County homes and businesses by the thousands in the spring or fall. While not a health problem, these insects present a serious staining threat if they congregate on draperies, furniture, walls or floor coverings inside homes. To reduce staining, clover mites that enter your home should be vacuumed or wiped up with a damp cloth. Should staining occur, treat as you would for blood stains.

Exterminating Clover Mites

Exterior pest control treatments provided under Allison Pest Control’s Home Protection Plan or our pest control services for business and industry can help prevent clover mites from invading your New Jersey home or business. Once inside, these mites will die of dehydration within a few days. While indoor pest control applications can help control large invasions of clover mites, interior treatment must be paired with exterior treatment to effectively eliminate the problem.