Five Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

The Bed Bug
The Bed Bug

Interesting isn’t a word that comes to mind when someone mentions bed bugs. Disgusting maybe, definitely blood-sucking, but interesting? Not so much. Still, the more you know about bed bugs, the easier it will be to identify them by their characteristics and the tell-tale signs they leave. These five interesting facts might surprise you.

1. Bed bugs are insects from the Order Hemiptera, characterized by a beak-like proboscis that can puncture tissue to suck out nutrients. Other insects in this order include cicadas, leafhoppers and aphids. Unlike these vegetarians that thrive on plant sap, however, bed bugs are parasites that seek out fresh, warm blood.

2. There is no alternate menu for a bed bug. They ingest blood, and only blood, from any warm-blooded source available. Bed bugs can live in a somewhat dormant state for over a year until a new tasty host comes along.

3. Bites are small, red and itchy. They very often appear in lines of three, called “breakfast, lunch and dinner” bites.

4. Dogs have been trained to sniff out bed bug locations in the egg, nymph and adult stages. This helps pinpoint infestations for better extermination.

5. Pesticides aren’t the best method of extermination when treating bedding or clothing. Extreme heat (over 120 F ) is the most effective treatment.  Cold temperatures limit egg production, and bed bugs cannot survive long below 5 F.

Now that you know bed bugs a little better, the most interesting fact to know is that thorough bed bug extermination is essential for your home and family’s well being. Contact the pest control specialists at Allison Pest Control today if you suspect that blood-sucking bed bugs are hiding out in your bedding, sofas or chairs.