Five Interesting Facts About Ground Squirrels

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

While squirrels might be majestic to watch, ground squirrels can become a problem quickly. Today, we’d like to offer you five interesting facts about ground squirrels.

Fact #1: They love to make your home their home – While you’re used to seeing them in the wild, it warm for long. That’s going to force them inside, and your house is one of their favorite places to nest – not to mention cause damage.

Fact #2: Ground squirrels build tunnels  – True to their name, they’re not always looking to your home as a place to hang out. They like to burrow into the ground, and they’ll create tunnels in yards until they find the right spot to sleep or even hibernate.

Fact #3: Their favorite foods are some of the best parts of your garden – Remember that garden you were feeling so proud of? One visit from a ground squirrel can negate all of your hard work. They love your fruits and veggies just as much as you do!

Fact #4: They make excellent team members when it comes to danger – When there’s danger afoot, ground squirrels are quick to notify each other with a whistle.

Fact #5: Ground squirrels feed on insects too – It’s not only your plants they’re after; they also feed on insects and caterpillars. Even the ones that are good for your garden and yard.

If ground squirrels have become a pest, it’s important to call a squirrel control specialist. The sooner you act, the more potential damage you can avoid.

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