Is There a Rat in Your House?

Are Rats In Your Home
Are Rats In Your Home

Rats are destructive rodents that carry fleas and ticks and transmit diseases that are harmful to humans. A rat in your house presents a danger to your home and family and makes rat control a top priority.

Rats frequently seek winter shelter in Monmouth County and Ocean County homes, condos and apartment buildings. As rats will eat almost anything people eat, human homes provide the food, water and shelter these rodents need to survive. Rat control can be particularly problematic in areas of new construction where homes and commercial development are replacing natural rodent habitat.

Rat Signs

Fecal pellets. A scattering of black fecal pellets in your garage or basement or scattered seed or kibble spilling from holes gnawed in birdseed or pet food bags are usually the first noticeable signs of rodent presence. Because rats are good climbers feces are typically evident on shelving as well as floors. Rat pellets are large and wrinkled and resemble raisins.

Gnaw marks. Rats must gnaw constantly to keep their constantly growing teeth sharp and at eating length. You may see evidence of their gnawing on wallboard, wood trim, electric cords, stored boxes, even furniture. Using its large, sharp teeth, a rat can easily enlarge a small hole or crack in wallboard, soffits, eaves or shingles to gain entry to your home.

Noises. If rats have entered your home, you may hear scratching or scampering noises in the walls or across ceilings.

If you suspect that a rat has invaded your Monmouth County or Ocean County, New Jersey home, don’t put your family at risk. Contact Allison Pest Control’s expert rat exterminators immediately for a free pest inspection.