Five Interesting Facts About Squirrels in Your Attic

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

To a squirrel, your attic makes the perfect home, with warmth and security ideal for nesting and hibernation. Here are 5 intriguing facts about squirrels that help understand why they like your attic so much:

Squirrels can bite with 22,000 pounds of pressure—enough to chew through plastic and aluminum. If squirrels cannot find a vulnerability in your roof or siding, they can create a hole and enter your home through a variety of materials.

A two-inch hole is big enough for squirrels to enter. Basically, they can squeeze through any hole as big as their skulls.

Babies don’t start wandering in their first 8–14 weeks. If your attic gets chosen for a squirrel nest, you’ll have babies creating a huge mess for a few months. Careful extraction of a family of squirrels requires the expertise of a pest control professional.

Squirrels hibernate in winter, but will move in earlier. If they find “real estate” they like before winter hits, squirrels will move into your attic before December.

In some years, squirrels produce an extra litter. Weather and food patterns can result in population booms that make more squirrels seek sturdy shelter like attics.

If you have squirrels in your attic or you want to take preventive steps, talk to us at Allison Pest Control about squirrel control measures.

Squirrels may be difficult to get rid of yourself, why take the chance of a squirrel attack or damage to your attic. Squirrels are not a one time problem, once they have nested they will return year after year to the same location. Call the squirrel eradication experts at Allison Pest Control today for a free estimate of services and be squirrel-free this winter.