Do Bed Bugs Become Less Active in the Winter?

Bed Bugs And Winter
Bed Bugs And Winter

Though small, bedbugs are becoming a pest of gargantuan proportion, particularly in New York and surrounding areas. But don’t let the seeming winter decline of these pests put you at ease – a bedbug lull in winter weather does not mean these pests have gone packing…

Bedbugs have a little something in common with bears…
Winter brings a slowing of bedbug activity. During the coldness of the winter season and low humidity, these pests may seem to hibernate and return heavily when temperatures begin to warm in the spring. But they have not died or gone away, bedbugs appear to simply be less active.

Summer is a literal “hotbed” of bedbug activity.
In the hot summer months, particularly July and August, bedbugs appear more active as humidity warm weather send them out on a quest to quench their thirst. In addition to their drinking endeavors, bedbugs also feed and breed more frequently in the warmer temperatures.

Vigilance is key.
It is important to stay on top of your bedbug situation year-round to ensure the complete eradication of these creepy critters.

  • Install mattress, box spring, and pillow encasements.
  • Use light-colored linens to detect bedbugs.
  • Keep your bed off the floor.
  • Apply double-sided sticky tape to bed legs and the room perimeter to prevent access.
  • Use a home monitor to keep track of activity.

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