Bed Bugs May Carry Fatal Disease

Bed Bugs Carry Disease
Bed Bugs Carry Disease

As if the red, itchy bites weren’t bad enough, now there’s another reason to turn to NJ bed bug control professionals right away when dealing with an infestation. Penn Medicine researchers found that bed bugs might transmit a parasite that carries a potentially deadly infectious disease.

Chagas disease is mainly found in Latin America, but cases of it have also shown up in the US. It’s typically transmitted through the feces of the “kissing bug,” but researchers found that these parasites are also present in bed bugs. The disease can cause serious complications, including heart failure, when it isn’t treated. In the earlier stages of Chagas disease, fever, appetite loss, nausea and swelling in the affected area sometimes occur.

Just how much of a threat bed bugs pose to humans as far as Chagas disease goes hasn’t been fully determined yet. Before this discovery, bed bugs were thought of as disease-free pests that mainly leave people with itchy bites. Now that scientists know that bed bugs can carry this infectious parasite, it’s even more important to take steps to get rid of an infestation as soon as possible. Since bed bugs can be incredibly tough to eliminate, having a professional pest control company is your best bet.

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