How Acrobatic Are Squirrels – They’re Gold Medal Gymnasts!

Squirrels May Carry the Plague!
Natural Acrobats

Spring is in the air and so are those amazingly athletic squirrels. They scurry and leap so quickly that it is easy to miss their adept moves. This YouTube video slows down the action to show you how their persistence and dexterity pays off with an ample supply of seeds that were originally intended for birds.

Targeting your home

While the freestyle routine this little squirrel does on the bird feeder may be humorous to watch, it is less enjoyable when squirrels choose to put their skills to work finding a way into your attic. During the winter months, they notice warmth emanating from your home. Even if you keep trees pruned back away from your roof, they have plenty of time to figure out how they can gain entry and set up a nest.

Highly destructive

Once inside, they will destroy insulation, soil the drywall, and chew near constantly on wood and wires. Their teeth continue growing throughout their lifetime, so they are always chewing to keep their teeth worn back. Many house fires are caused each year by squirrels damaging the electrical wiring of homes. These cute little pest may also bring ticks and fleas inside your home that can infest your pets. Squirrel droppings are likely to contain Leptospirosis and salmonella.

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