Keep Pests Out This Fall

Keeping The Pests Out
Keeping The Pests Out

In the months before winter, outdoor pests look for warm places to stay. Just like you, they like warmth during the upcoming cold weather, and during this time, basements, attics and even between your walls, become very appealing homes for insect and rodent pests of all kinds. They will literally canvas your home and look for ways in.

Knowing what to look for to keep them out is your first line of defense, and here are some places to check on to keep pests out this fall.

  • Your foundation. Make sure the foundation of your home has no holes, cracks or gaps leading to the outside. Be particularly aware of the seam where the building structure meets the foundation. Fill in any open spaces with caulk or polyurethane foam.
  • Pipes. Make sure the structure around pipes that enter your home, are solid and crack free. Caulk to fill in cracks.
  • Exterior door jambs. Make sure door jambs and your threshold seal tight. Replace if they don’t.
  • Windows. Check and seal up any gaps around window frames, especially those in the basement or the attic.

For more suggestions on how to keep pests out this fall, or at any other time of the year, please contact us at Allison Pest Control. We have the answers you want and the service you need if pests get inside. Proudly serving Monmouth and Ocean County for nearly 100 years.