Do You Know Your Bedbug? Insects that Look Like Bedbugs

Identifying Bed Bugs
Not Everything That Looks Like a Bed Bug is a Bed Bug

With bed bug infestations increasing, it’s important to be able to accurately identify these tiny pests and have them taken care of as quickly as possible. Bed bugs are brownish or reddish in color and have an oval-shaped body, but several other types of bugs have a similar appearance.

The following bugs are sometimes mistaken for bed bugs:

  • Cockroach nymphs: These pests are a reddish-brown color, but their bodies have a more cylindrical-shaped look rather than an oval-shaped one.
  • Barn swallow bugs: These bugs look almost exactly like bed bugs as far as their coloring and shape, but they also have long hair on their bodies.
  • Carpet beetles: These pests look similar to bed bugs, but they don’t bite humans. They can damage your furniture, carpets and other soft surfaces, though.
  • Spider beetle: These small bugs are round or oval-shaped and black or reddish-brown in color, making it easy to mistake them for bed bugs. While they can get into food supplies, they don’t bite people.
  • Bat bugs: These bugs closely resemble bed bugs, but bat bugs have longer fringe hairs. Like bed bugs, these pests do feed on human blood if they can’t get blood from bats or birds.

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