Do Cockroaches Bite? Yes They Can!

Biting Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be a major nuisance by leaving droppings throughout your home and spreading germs, but they can also pose another threat. These common pests can bite in some cases, although they rarely do so.

German cockroaches, which are typically seen indoors, are more likely to bite people when looking for food or water. These bugs sometimes bite people who are sleeping when crumbs are around or to get to moisture buildup around the nose and eyes if they can’t find water somewhere else.

These bites usually occur while cockroaches are trying to eat. Kids are more likely to end up with cockroach bites that break skin, since their skin is soft enough for the bugs’ mouthpiece to pierce through. They also tend to be messier than adults when it comes to having stray crumbs on them while sleeping, which can attract these pests.

While cockroaches don’t bite often, it’s important to disinfect any bites that do occur. These pests can carry serious illnesses on them from crawling through trash, pipes, sewers and other unhygienic surfaces, and these germs might be transmitted through bites. The best way to prevent cockroach bites is to handle infestations as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

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