The Pesky Problem with Fleas and Why You Should Treat Them Now


Fleas can cause a number of problems for you and your pets. Their bites can make your pets itchy and lead to skin problems and other health issues. Keep in mind that they can bite humans, too. Taking steps to prevent these pests from entering your home is crucial.

Flea control involves lowering the risk of having a full-blown infestation. It’s difficult to keep fleas from getting into your home if you have a dog or a cat who goes outside. These tiny bugs jump onto your pet’s fur and catch a ride inside your home, where they can lay eggs and become a major nuisance.

You might find fleas on furniture, carpeting and other surfaces around your home. Since you can’t completely prevent them from coming in, practicing flea control is the next best thing.

In order to control fleas in your home, your first step should be treating your pet with a flea shampoo or any other treatments your vet recommends. You should also vacuum the house on a regular basis, including pet beds and furniture, and consult a pest control expert about treating the inside and outside of your home to stop infestations from occurring.

If you’re battling a flea infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Allison Pest Control. Our professional Monmouth County pest control experts will eliminate these tiny pests and prevent them from coming back.