Don’t Inadvertantly Welcome in House Mice

Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home
Don’t Invite the Mice

House mice are small, but they can turn into big problems when they make their way inside your home. These mice carry other pests, such as ticks and mites, and cause damage to your home by chewing on wires and wood. They can also get into your food supplies and contaminate them.

Our Monmouth County pest control company handles mice infestations that resulted from owners unwittingly letting these pests into their homes. Use the following tips to prevent house mice from getting inside your home:

  • Seal up holes that mice can use to gain access to and from your home. Keep in mind that they’re tiny and can fit through very small openings.
  • Make it hard for mice to nest in your home by keeping storage boxes off of the floor where they can easily get inside.
  • Make sure you have adequate drainage near your home’s foundation to prevent water damage. This kind of damage can result in weak areas where mice can get into your home.
  • Watch for signs of house mice, such as droppings, marks on surfaces from chewing or gnawing and food packages that have been chewed open.

If you’ve seen any signs of mice in or around your home, our Monmouth County pest control company can help. Contact Allison Pest Control, and we’ll help you get rid of your mouse problem as safely as possible.