Watch for Kitchen-Area Pests All Year Round

All Year Pests
All Year Pests

While houseflies buzzing around your kitchen can be a pain to deal with in summer, other pests can invade your pantry all year round. These bugs can get into boxes and bags of food and climb all over your counters and cupboards. If you spot any of the following in your home, you’ll need help from pest control in Freehold NJ to get them under control.


These big bugs excel at getting into your home through tight spots and invading your kitchen to look for food and water. German cockroaches, which are brown and smaller than Oriental cockroaches, are the ones you’ll typically see in your home. Since roaches can carry disease and irritate asthma symptoms, it’s crucial to get rid of infestations.

Drain Flies

These tiny black flies breed in standing water, including kitchen drains and garbage disposals. Drain flies can quickly become a huge problem since their numbers can increase rapidly. Keeping drains clean helps prevent drain fly infestations.


Certain kinds of beetles can get into grains, such as packages of rice or pasta. These brownish-orange pests can also lay eggs inside bags of pet food, so it’s important to keep your pantry supplies tightly sealed.

If you have ants, fruit flies or other NJ winter pests in your pantry, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer dependable pest control in Freehold NJ to keep your home free of these nuisances.