What You Should Know About Zika Virus

Zenki to West Nile
Zika to West Nile

Mosquitoes have been linked to the spread of certain diseases, such as West Nile virus, for years now, but they’ve also been spreading another type of illness. Zika virus has been in the news recently due to outbreaks in South America and the Caribbean.

Zika virus can cause mild symptoms in some individuals, such as a rash, headaches and fever. This illness usually doesn’t cause major health problems for those who have it, but it can cause a serious condition in fetuses. Pregnant women who have Zika virus are potentially at risk of having babies with a condition known as microcephaly. Babies with this condition have an abnormally small head, which can lead to impaired brain development.

Health experts are concerned about the recent outbreaks due to the risk of microcephaly and the fact that there are currently no vaccines or medicines available for treating Zika virus or preventing it.

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