Do All Termites Have Wings?

Termites Will Eat Your Home Tear Round
Termite Information

Termites are common household pests, but they can be hard to identify. When you’re trying to decide if you need Tom’s River termite control services, use the following information to determine if you have these pests.

Wings or No Wings?

Some termites have wings, but they only keep them for a certain amount of time. Worker termites that toil away at digging tunnels and making colonies bigger don’t have wings, but you probably won’t see them. Those termites spend their time inside colonies rather than venturing outside. The termites you’re most likely to see in your home are winged ones that swarm in spring in order to mate. These bugs shed their wings after fertilization occurs, so you might notice their discarded wings near windows in your home.

Termites or Flying Ants?

If you think you see winged termites in your home, keep in mind that they could be flying ants. Termites have different sized wings, while flying ants have wings that are the same size. Whether you have termites or flying ants, it’s crucial to have pest control experts deal with infestations before these pests cause serious damage to your home. Termites and flying ants can multiply quickly and be tough to get rid of.

If you think you might have termites, contact Allison Pest Control. Our Tom’s River termite control professionals can inspect your home and handle any infestations we find.