Second of Four Types of Termites – Drywood Termites

Termite Types
Termite Types

What’s that munching on your home’s structure? It could be drywood termites. How can you tell? Allison Pest Control’s expert Freehold exterminators are here with a little 9-1-1 to better help you classify these criminals.

What’s in a name?
Drywood termites do not require moisture or contact with soil to be drawn to your home. These tenacious termites can tunnel and nest in buildings, causing major damage to wooden support beams, ultimately destroying structures. And they won’t stop there. They’ll also munch wallpaper, plastics, and fabric made from plants.

Drywood mugshot:
Drywood termites can be identified by their 3/8-inch, light brown, long and oval bodies sporting 6 legs, wings, and antennae. Colonies do not have workers, instead younger termites, dubbed “false workers,” do the work for the colony.

Drywood termite prevention
Though prevention is more difficult than with subterranean species, drywood termites can be prevented from entering your home’s structure:

• Screen attic and foundation vents with bug screens to prevent infiltration.

• Store all firewood, lumber, and scrap wood well away from your home.

• Seal all cracks and crevices around the outside of your home to prevent drywood termite infestation.

• Where possible, paint your home’s structure. Drywood termites will not enter wood that has a good coat of paint.

Don’t let these terrifying termites have free range on your Freehold structure. Get the help you need with the Freehold exterminators at Allison Pest Control today.