Thick Skinned Bedbugs Not Hampered by OTC Bedbug Sprays

Let Us Provide the Help You Need to Exterminate These Pests!
Let Us Provide the Help You Need to Exterminate These Pests!

The capitol of Maine, Augusta, just passed an emergency bedbug ordinance to help stem the tide of a major bedbug infestation. Two boarding houses that were overrun by bedbugs needed professional help because the bugs did not respond to over-the-counter solutions.

Professional Help

It was at this point when the ordinance was passed giving the landlords the responsibility to call in professional pest control agents to get the job done. They had 60 days to comply with the ordinance, and as of this writing the problem has been taken care of.

Thick Skinned Bedbugs

Many over-the-counter bedbug remedies are no longer having an effect on bedbug infestations. The bugs have either built up immunities to the pesticides that were used, or the landlords were not able to find all of the places where the bedbugs were hiding, so that complete eradication of the population was not achieved.

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