Top Ant Pests in Monmouth County New Jersey

Ants May Be Strong... But Show Them You Are Stronger!
Ants May Be Strong… But Show Them You Are Stronger!

At Allison Pest Control, our Monmouth County carpenter ant control services help keep NJ homes free of these pests. Carpenter ants are just one of the common ant species that cause problems for NJ homeowners. They top the list of top ant species in NJ.

Carpenter ants: These big black ants, which can be between a quarter-inch to a half-inch long, tunnel through wood inside homes. This can lead to significant structural damage over time as these ants keep building their tunnels and nests.

Argentine ants: These are small ants that have light or dark brown coloring. Argentine ants are an invasive species that displace native ant species. These ants multiply quickly, making them hard to eliminate.

Pharaoh ants: These are reddish or golden brown ants that are tiny in size. Also known as sugar ants, these ants feed on sweet foods. Pharaoh ants, which typically nest in kitchen areas near food sources, carry salmonella and other harmful diseases.

• Odorous house ants: These ants are a dark brown color and very small. They emit a foul odor when they’re crushed. Odorous house ants are usually found outdoors, but they can invade homes.

When you have an ant problem in your home, the experts at Allison Pest Control can help. Contact us for Monmouth County carpenter ant control or for help with any other ant problems in your NJ home.