What Are Pantry Pests and How Are They Controlled?

Are You the Only One Eating the Food in Your Pantry?
Are You the Only One Eating the Food in Your Pantry?

Pantry pests are those that go after the food that’s in your kitchen and pantry, just as their name suggests. There are different types of pantry pests that you need to look out for, but it’s important to note that sometimes these pests can be present without your awareness. It’s helpful to know that Freehold exterminators are here to help you get rid of them.

Types of Pantry Pests

There are a number of different types of pantry pests you should look out for in your kitchen and pantry. These include:

• Weevils – love flour and cereal

Indian meal moths – love chocolate, dog food, bird seed and dried fruits

• Saw-toothed grain beetles – love pasta, cereal and flour

• Cigarette and drugstore beetles – love herbs and spices

The Best Way to Control Pantry Pests

Finding the source of the infestation is the key to controlling pantry pests. This can be difficult, considering there are so many ways for them to gain entry into your home. It’s even possible for them to come in when you bring in your groceries. While it’s not always easy to spot their entry points into your home, if you think you have an infestation, Freehold exterminators can help.

At Allison Pest Control, getting rid of what’s bugging you is our specialty. We can help you learn what type of infestation you have and then eliminate it. Contact us today!