Crowdsourcing Bed Bug Notices, Getting the Public Involved in Reporting

Help Persuade Others to Report Bed Bugs.
Help Persuade Others to Report Bed Bugs.

With bed bug sightings on the rise, pest control companies in Freehold have been busy battling these pests. Keep in mind that bed bugs show up in a variety of public and private places, ranging from libraries and public transportation to apartments and houses. They’ve also been known to invade hotel rooms. How do you protect yourself from them? Crowdsourcing could be the answer.

Bedbug Reports

BedbugReports” is an online service that gives the public a chance to let others know where bed bugs have been spotted. It focuses on hotels and apartments in order to provide important information for those who are traveling or those who are looking for a new place to live. You can find out whether or not bed bugs have been spotted in certain cities and where those infestations occurred. This information can help you lower your risk of encountering these pests when you’re traveling or checking out potential places to rent an apartment.

Bed Bug Sightings

What should you do if you see any of these pests? Don’t hesitate to leave an online report for others. You should also get in touch with a pest control company to help eliminate these pests.

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