Termite or Wood Destroying Beetle? What You Need to Know.

Not Sure Which is Which? We Can Help Clear That Up For You Here!
Not Sure Which is Which? We Can Help Clear That Up For You Here!

When you see signs of wood damage in your home, your first instinct might be to get help from a NJ termite specialist. How do you know if termites are really the cause of this damage, though? Another type of pest, known as the lyctid powderpost beetle, also destroys wood in residential buildings.

Powderpost Beetle Appearance

Adult lyctid powderpost beetles are roughly a quarter-inch long and brown in color. While you might see adults in your home, keep in mind that it’s the larva that cause the most damage to wood. Powderpost beetle larva have a creamy white color and a curved shape.

Powderpost Beetle Behavior

Powderpost beetles feed on several kinds of hardwoods that are used in home construction, especially for flooring and trim. In many cases, these pests are present as homes are being built and manage to stay hidden inside walls until months or years later. Powderpost beetles are mainly drawn to certain types of woods, such as walnut and oak, and tend to lay eggs in unfinished wood.

Detecting and completely eliminating powderpost beetles can be difficult. Pest control professionals will make sure that infestations of these pests are thoroughly dealt with.

If you have wood damage in your home, Allison Pest Control can help. Our NJ termite specialist can help you determine if you have a termite or beetle problem in your home and take steps to eliminate these pests.