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Fleas and Ticks – a Year Round Threat

Many people think that when the weather becomes cold that all insects die off until the spring.  While this may be true with some types of insects, other pests are still a threat report Monmouth County NJ exterminators.


Fleas can hitch a ride on pets inside of homes.  Flea pupa (eggs) remains well hidden in furniture, pet bedding, and in and under carpet.  Once they develop they will wreak havoc upon pets and humans alike.  Many people believe that they are immune from having fleas in their home if they have wood flooring, but flea pupa are tiny and are able to wiggle into the smallest cracks between the slats.  The best way to fully eradicate fleas is to professionally treat pets on a regular basis and hire a Monmouth County NJ exterminator with experience in flea removal.


Ticks have one goal which is to receive a blood meal so that they can reach their next level of development.  During the fall and winter, ticks take advantage of the fallen leaf debris to provide cover and warmth during the winter months.  Their overwintering spot does not preclude them from taking advantage of any passing animal or human which could provide a blood meal.  Ticks will also use firewood as a place to overwinter which in turn allows them easy access into NJ homes.

NJ homeowners can keep all types of unwanted pests out of their home by calling a Monmouth County NJ pest control expert like Allison Pest Control.  Our extensive knowledge of pest control will keep pests out during all times of the year.

Can Your Pet Get Fleas During The Winter?

Many pet owners believe that once winter hits, they no longer need residential pest control because their pet’s flea infestations will be over…at least for a few months. However, fleas continue to be a problem during the winter, and if you like to keep your home nice and warm (who doesn’t?), then those pesky fleas have the perfect home.

Where To Find Fleas

Your home is a great place for fleas to breed during the winter, which not only continues your flea problem, but it also sets the stage for a more severe infestation in the spring. While fleas might spend most of their time on your pet, you should also carefully inspect your carpet, living room furniture and beds to see if they’re hiding out there. Anywhere your pet has traveled in your home should be checked carefully.

Problems Fleas Cause

Fleas feed on blood from your pet when they bite. This can cause serious skin damage for your pet, and in kittens and puppies, the problems are magnified. Smaller animals can even become anemic after suffering too many bites. Not to mention, they can bite people too, even if such cases are rare.

Do-it-yourself residential pest control rarely works because the chemicals available in the store simply aren’t strong enough. The best flea control method is by treating the area with professional-grade chemicals. Don’t let fleas get you or your pet down this winter. Contact us for residential pest control and quick elimination of your flea problem before it gets out of control.

Fleas — A Year Round Fight!

Owning dogs and cats means that your home is subject to a flea infestation at any given time.  A trip to the veterinarian, romping through backyard, or a daily walk can bring bloodsucking fleas onto your animal.  Fleas however are very resourceful hitchhiking creatures.  A visit to a friend’s house that has fleas or even performing weekly yard work can bring the little pests indoors as they will hitch a ride on pants, socks, shoes, etc.

Once fleas come inside, with or without pets, fleas will multiply at an alarming rate in a very short period of time.  Like other blood sucking creatures, fleas need a blood meal to transform from one life stage to another.  Fleas in all life stages are able to go extended periods of time without a meal, but will be in full attack mode once animals or humans are available.

Cat fleas are the most common fleas that are found biting dogs, cats, humans, and most other types of animals that they will feed upon.  Fleas have strong legs which enable them to jump long distances once they detect their intended target.  Ridding a home of fleas requires treating the animals as well as working to eliminate fleas from all animal bedding, furniture pieces, carpets, cracks and crevices, floorboards, and the spaces in between wood flooring.

Fleas are able to transmit dangerous diseases via their bites as well as cause red itchy welts and secondary infections.  Flea elimination requires professional treatment which can be done by a Monmouth County, NJ exterminator like Allison Pest Control.