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The Everything to Know about Rodents Guide – Part Two

How to Keep Rats from Moving In This Fall
How to Keep Rats from Moving In This Fall

Rodents, especially rats and mice, are very common throughout NJ. Many homeowners have had to hire a Mommouth County rat exterminator to deal with these pests. Rodents like rats and mice are around a lot due to their appetite. They scavenge trash cans and buildings searching for bits of food to eat. However, many rodents in the wild are actually herbivorous.

Plant-eating Rodents

Field voles and other rodents that are found in the wild have diets that mainly include grasses, moss and other types of vegetation. Squirrels and chipmunks only eat vegetation to some degree, although their diets also include fruits and nuts. Since these rodents don’t typically have an appetite for human food, they’re not as much of a problem as rats and mice when it comes to scavenging garbage and pantries.

Rat and Mice Diets

Rats and mice are less selective about what they eat than their plant-eating cousins. These rodents can be found digging through trash bags and scampering through kitchens and pantries searching for crumbs and other scraps of human food to eat. Some of them also eat insects and other critters in addition to people food. If you have mice or rats in your home, keep in mind that they can contaminate your food.

If you need a Mommouth County rat exterminator, give Allison Pest Control a call. Our rodent experts can eliminate these pests from your home.

The Everything to Know about Rodents Guide – Part One

Watch Out for Mice, Rats and Rodents This Fall
Watch Out for Mice, Rats and Rodents This Fall

Rodents are a diverse group of mammals that includes rats, mice, hamsters, beavers, porcupines, squirrels and gerbils. Although rodent species can vary widely in terms of their appearance, they do have certain things in common. Here’s some information on distinguishing characteristics of rodents.

Incisors with Nonstop Growth

One of the most notable characteristics of rats, mice and other rodents is that they have pairs of incisors that are constantly growing. Since these teeth never stop growing, rodents have to gnaw in order to prevent them from becoming too long. This is why having mice and other rodents around can cause problems in your home. These rodents frequently gnaw on wood and other materials, which can cause damage or fire hazards if they chew on wiring.

Heightened Senses

Rodents commonly have senses of smell, vision and hearing that are much more sensitive than ours. Some rodents, such as mice and other nocturnal species, have large eyes that help them see better in the dark. Many rodents also have whiskers that help enhance their sense of touch. NJ rat control and mice control professionals know how to find and catch these rodents, even with their heightened senses.

If you need NJ rat control for your home, call Allison Pest Control. We can get rid of rat infestations safely and effectively, so you don’t have to worry about these rodents spreading disease or ruining your food.

New Zealand Plans on Being Rat-Free by 2050 Could It Work for NJ?

Could NJ Exterminate All Rats?
Could NJ Exterminate All Rats?

Rats give NJ pest control services plenty to do throughout the year. These rodents have also been a problem in other parts of the world, but one country is working on eliminating them.

Becoming a Rat-Free Country

New Zealand has a goal to get rid of rats entirely by the year 2050, although it could happen earlier than that. The country plans on exterminating rat species that have been introduced from other parts of the world. Other introduced species that will also be eradicated include possums and stoats. These species have been responsible for killing millions of native birds each year, including the kiwi.

Officials know that getting rid of rats will be one of the most difficult goals to accomplish, since they’re good at hiding in urban areas. The country also wants to ensure that they have the support of the public for this project.

Rats in NJ

Could NJ follow a similar plan as New Zealand’s for getting rid of rats throughout the entire state? This could be a big challenge for the state, considering how many rats there are and how many places they have to hide. In the meantime, property owners should rely on professional pest control to eliminate these rodents from their homes and businesses.

If you have a rat problem on your property, please contact Allison Pest Control to get more details on our NJ pest control services.

EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement
EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

Warmer winters have led to an increase in rat populations, which has led to city governments taking steps to address this problem. However, the methods they’re using have come under fire from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Dry Ice in Big Cities

New York, Chicago, Boston and other big cities have tried using dry ice to keep rat populations under control. While this method might help in some cases, it isn’t approved by the EPA. In fact, the agency announced that using dry ice for rodent control is against federal guidelines, since it hasn’t been registered with the EPA.

Importance of EPA Approval

The EPA helps ensure that methods of pest control used for rodents are safe and don’t put the public and the environment at risk. Using a method that hasn’t been approved by the EPA means that these cities could be risking the health of residents and the environment.

NJ Pest Control

Residents in NJ who are dealing with larger rat populations around their homes shouldn’t attempt to use dry ice. Instead, they should rely on dependable NJ pest control services to get rid of these pests. This helps keep people safe while also eliminating their rodent problem.

If you have rats in your yard or home, please contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. Our NJ pest control services can eliminate these rodents from your property safely and effectively.

Rodents Love the Wiring of NJ Residents’ New Cars

Rodents May Find Your Car's Wiring Tasty
Rodents May Find Your Car’s Wiring Tasty

It’s common for homeowners to look for the best exterminator in Monmouth County to stop rodents from damaging their homes, but what about their cars? Newer wiring in some cars might attract these pests.

Soy-Based Wiring

Soy-based wiring insulation for newer cars has been developed as a biodegradable option that won’t clutter up landfills. While this is a more eco-friendly option, there might be one big drawback to it. Rodents, including mice and squirrels, appear to have a taste for this new wiring. That has led to occurrences of these pests chewing up car wiring, eating it and building nests in fresh air intakes. This can create a hazardous situation for car owners in NJ.

Protecting Your Car

If you have a car with this kind of wiring, how can you stop rodents from chewing it up? Rodent deterrent products, such as mothballs, and anti-rodent tape for wiring can help protect your car from costly damage caused by rodents. Keep in mind that you should also have rodents dealt with as soon as possible if you do find evidence of an infestation in your car. Otherwise, they can keep returning to your car and causing more damage to it.

If you need the services of the best exterminator in Monmouth County for a rodent problem, call Allison Pest Control. We offer dependable and safe rodent removal.

Rat and Mouse Infestations May Cause Serious Health Issues

Rat and Mouse Infestations May Cause Serious Health Issues
Rat and Mouse Infestations May Cause Serious Health Issues

Having a rodent infestation in your home isn’t just a threat to your food supplies. Rats and mice can also put your health at risk. Find out why you might need to find the best exterminator in Wall to help you put an end to an infestation before you and your family get sick. These are some of the infectious diseases that these rodents carry:


You can catch this type of food poisoning if you’re exposed to the feces of rats or mice. If you do get this illness, you might have symptoms that range from mild to severe, including diarrhea, abdominal pain and a fever. In serious cases, salmonellosis requires hospitalization in order to treat complications.


Hantavirus mainly occurs in the southwestern U.S. White-footed deer mice are able to spread this serious illness to humans through their urine, saliva or droppings. Symptoms include muscle soreness, fever, fatigue, dizziness, abdominal issues, headaches and chills.

Rat-Bite Fever

This is another potentially life-threatening illness that rats transmit to humans. Common symptoms, which start to show up between three and ten days after you’re exposed to infected rats or contaminated food, include headaches, vomiting, fever and rash.

When you have rats or mice in your home, you need help from the best exterminator in Wall. Get in touch with Allison Pest Control to learn more about our rodent control services.