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How to Keep Carpenter Ants Out of Your Home

Big and black, carpenter ants are the undisputed kings of the New Jersey ant kingdom and a formidable wood destroying pest. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood; but the tunnels they carve into wood are nearly as destructive. Carpenter ants live in wood planks and beams, chewing long tunnels and large galleries into […]

What to Do If You Find Insect Wings

If you find discarded insect wings littering the floor of your basement or garage or scattered over the windowsills of your Monmouth County, NJ home; you have a serious insect problem and should call an experienced insect exterminator NJ immediately. A litter of discarded insect wings indicates a mature infestation of either termites or carpenter […]

Strange and Interesting Termite Facts

Did you know the fastest animal strike on land is the snapping jaw of a Panamanian termite which has been clocked at 150 mph? Termites put their powerful jaws to good use. These wood-eating insects eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! A colony of just 60,000 termites can devour two lineal […]

Beware of Dive Bombing Carpenter Bees

More buzz than sting, carpenter bees sound more ferocious than they are; but they can still do plenty of damage to your Monmouth County, New Jersey home. Often confused with bumble bees because of their similar size and coloring, carpenter bees are named for their unique ability to tunnel through wood. Unique Tunneling Behavior Unlike […]

Signs Your Monmouth County Home Has a Carpenter Ant Problem

The largest ant species in the U.S. is the wood destroying carpenter ant. Easy to spot, carpenter ants are big and black, ranging in size from 1/4 inch to a formidable 1/2 inch long. Using their powerful jaws to tunnel through soft and water-damaged wood, carpenter ants carve large, open galleries into wood beams and […]

How to Exterminate NJ Termites – Part 2

Exterminating termites is not a do-it-yourself job. It takes professional knowledge of termite biology and behavior, specialized equipment and insecticides, and considerable experience to eliminate these wood-devouring pests. As noted in our previous post, the Eastern subterranean termites that infest 1 in 5 Monmouth and Ocean County homes live in inaccessible underground nests which complicates […]

How to Exterminate NJ Termites – Part 1

Termite extermination is a job for experienced professionals for three main reasons: 1. The Eastern subterranean termites that chew on the foundation timbers of Monmouth and Ocean County homes live in massive nests deep underground. The termites that exterminators find munching on the support beams of your New Jersey home are workers foraging for food […]

Termites vs. Carpenter Ants: What’s Destroying Your House

Both termites and carpenter ants are wood destroying pests that can cause expensive damage to Monmouth County, NJ homes. Both insect species live in huge social colonies governed by caste systems that dictate each individual’s role in the colony. And both termites and carpenter ants expand their colonies by swarming. However, these two insect species […]

Termite Robots Build Houses Instead of Tearing Them Down!

In New Jersey, termites pose a formidable threat to Monmouth County home owners. Attacking one out of every five New Jersey homes, Eastern subterranean termites cause millions of dollars of structural damage every year. Living in huge, complex underground colonies, these industrious wood-eating insects can eventually cause structural collapse if infestations go undetected. While known […]

Swarmers Signal Pest Problem

While gardening or mowing your Monmouth County, NJ lawn, have you ever stumbled across a “puddle” of what seem to be hundreds of winged ants milling around on the ground? If so, you have come across a group of swarmers, a sure signal that a massive termite or carpenter ant colony is located nearby and […]