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Why Are Termite Infestations Hard to Spot?

Termites are barely 1/8 inch long, or about the size of a sesame seed on your burger bun. How can something so tiny be so destructive and pose such a danger to your Monmouth County, New Jersey home? One of the things that make termites such formidable insect foes is that termite infestations are hard […]

Now Is Best Time to Schedule New Jersey Termite Inspection

Insects are off the radar of most New Jersey homeowners during the winter. Monmouth County and Ocean County residents don’t typically think about calling an exterminator until spring when ants start marching across kitchen floors. But just because they may be out of sight and out of mind during New Jersey’s cold winter months doesn’t […]

Look Out Below! Watch Out for Termites

Termites are one of the more insidious threats to homes and commercial buildings. Unlike other pests who enter above ground, these tiny destroyers lurk in subterranean colonies and attack from below. It takes a skilled, experience eye to spot the signs of infestation and eliminate the problem before serious damage occurs. The recent experience of […]

Carpenter Bees Are All Bark And No Bite

Carpenter bees aren’t shy. Their noisy buzzing sounds like an electric drill on steroids, loudly announcing their presence on your Monmouth County NJ property. If that doesn’t get your attention, the males will launch their fuzzy black and yellow bodies straight at you, dive bombing your hair and face repeatedly until you turn tail and […]

Take Steps To Prevent Carpenter Ants From Attacking Your NJ Home

One of the most aggressive and problematic ant species in New Jersey, wood-destroying carpenter ants tunnel into wood, excavating large galleries to house their colonies and nurseries. Part of Mother Nature’s recycling team; carpenter ants typically colonize fallen tree limbs and rotting stumps on the forest floor, helping to reduce wood debris to soil-enriching mulch. […]

Two Insect Wood-Destroyers…Which Is The Worst For NJ Homes?

While there are some other types of insects that can cause damage to various trees that exist on the east coast, there are three primary wood destroying insects that homeowners should be aware of that can cause damage to their properties.  Carpenter bees and carpenter ants can find their way to New Jersey homes at […]

NJ Ants Love Early Springtime Too

The warmer winter temperature brought in an earlier spring for most areas of the United States.  Despite a few colder days, and even some snow showers in some areas, pests have already emerged, hatched, or awoken from their long winter slumber.  Most people love springtime.  Besides the explosion of tree, grass, and flower pollen, one […]

It Is Important To Follow A Pest Control Professional Instructions

Pesticide application in a home or business should be handled with the greatest of care.  Many home and business owners have tried to take on the task of treating their own pest problems only to discover that the store bought pesticide were ineffective.  Some people who have tried pest control treatments on their own have […]

NJ Swarming Carpenter Ants Surprise Homeowners

Pest control experts in Ocean County, NJ  report there are 1,500 species of carpenter ants worldwide, 50 of which can be found inhabiting North America.  The most common carpenter ant in New Jersey is the C. pennsylvanicus which is large and all black in color. New Jersey residents often see termites swarm at some time […]

Pest Concerns Are High Across The United States

During the winter months it’s easy to believe that our homes are pest free.  The winter months are only a brief reprieve from most home invading pests.  As the spring arrives, so do a multitude of annoying and dangerous home and property invaders.  It is no surprise that the warmer winter weather has sparked an […]