New Jersey Pest Control Experts Know The Best Way To Treat Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are known by several names…crimson ramblers, mahogany flats, and wall lice too.  They first lived among our cave-dwelling relatives and once they began to set up urban settlements, the bed bugs that were feeding off of the bats and humans adapted and left the caves too.  As the dwellings improved for humans, bed bug infestations thrived.

Throughout the years, bed bugs were a common urban pest.  In the early 1600’s, it was written that bed bugs were more problematic for the poor than the rich because they had the means to keep their homes cleaner.  By the 1800’s the first pest control companies began to form in Europe, and bed bug infestations were their primary target as they were then considered the most serious pest to deal with.

Over time, these unwelcome bed fellows have caused people to try to rid their environment of them in a variety of different ways, often using extreme, dangerous, and even silly measures.

Years ago, bed frames were soaked in kerosene and slowly lit on fire to kill bed bugs.  The trouble was that this practice often caused house fires. Burning sulfur (“fire and brimstone”) was used during the 18th century as a means of controlling infestations. Some people have tried covering their bodies in olive oil to keep from being bitten from the blood suckers. It doesn’t work!  Others have tried using traditional bug bombs, which only causes bed bugs to scatter to other rooms, thereby spreading the infestation further. Out of desperation, some people have tried freezing bed bugs by turning off their homes heat source. That will freeze people, but not bed bugs.

In August of 2010, a warning was issued to consumers against using agricultural pesticides for the treatment of bed bug infestations.  The EPA warned that not only are these pesticides ineffective in the treatment of the bugs, they are also dangerous as they can cause illness or become flammable when used indoors.

When treating a New Jersey bed bug infestation, or one in another area of the United States, it’s always best to contact a licensed pest control expert instead of trying to treat them yourself.  Ridding your home of these hardy little vampires requires the pesticides and knowledge that is afforded by a bed bug expert.

The NJ House Mouse Versus A Pest Control Expert

The ground may be covered in glorious white snow in New Jersey and it may look peaceful and calm as the birds flitter about and the squirrels pounce up and down throughout the snow, but don’t be fooled, pesky home invaders are still trying to make their way indoors to seek shelter away from the cold chilly weather.

At times like this, despite my extensive pest management tools and experience, even a New Jersey pest control expert can fall victim to a dreaded New Jersey house mouse invasion.

The holiday time period brings about great fun for certain. We spend ample time preparing fabulous meals and baking special sugary treats to share with family and friends.  It’s at this time of year that our kitchen is turned upside down as many cooking items that lay dormant throughout the year come into play for our festive creations.

While digging through the bottom of two kitchen drawers that are not frequented very often, I discovered the unpleasant surprise of newly left house mouse fecal matter left behind among my kitchen gadgets. I must say, it’s a brave mouse that decides to take up residence in my home, especially with four cats roaming about.

All cooking had to cease of course as the entire area required immediate disinfection.  Mice feces and urine can contain dangerous pathogens like Salmonella, which can cause food poisoning and Hantavirus, which can cause a serious illness or even be fatal.  Proper and swift clean-up and removal of any New Jersey house mouse infestation is essential.

If you find that you have unwelcome houseguests this wintertime, there’s no need to fret.  Allison Pest Control provides expert pest management services for a wide variety of creepy crawlers and furry creatures.  Call us today to rid your home of mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites, stink bugs, fleas, ticks, crickets, carpenter ants and many other types of troublesome pests!

Mattress Delivery Can Bring Bed Bugs Into Your Home Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday…

Once you have found that the mattress is completely sealed, the plastic wrapping should be removed outside of your home and immediately discarded in case it harbors any hidden bed bugs or bed bug eggs.

It’s important to remember that bed bugs are not attracted to mattresses per-say.  Instead they are attracted to the humans that sleep on the mattress.  New mattresses should not be infested with bed bugs unless something has gone horribly wrong.  New mattresses can become infested when they come in contact with infested mattresses on a delivery truck or when infested mattresses are brought back to a warehouse instead of being taken to the dump.  Many companies sell the used mattresses that they collect from consumers to other smaller companies who will “refurbish” them and then offer them for resale.  This is another way that cross contamination of new mattresses can occur.

Consumers have no control over what a company uses a delivery truck for.  On one particular day, it could be used for deliveries only.  On another, it could be used to take used furniture to the dump.  Sadly, most companies are not knowledgeable about the transferring of bed bugs, so decontaminating delivery trucks is a rare occurrence.

Some mattress and furniture retailers offer a special “white glove delivery service” as an option for deliveries to customers.  When you choose this service, only new mattresses and furniture is delivered by the delivery company in a specific delivery truck.  If you require take-away mattress service, a separate truck is ordered to come and remove the bedding.  Reputable delivery companies guarantee that they do not exchange one type of delivery truck for the other.   If you are concerned about a New Jersey bed bug infestation in your home, this is the type of service you should be requesting if you are considering purchasing a new mattress.

Despite your best efforts to avoid it, you may still find yourself with a bed bug infestation at some point in time. If you do, Allison Pest Control is ready to help eradicate your NJ bed bug infestation.

Mattress Delivery Can Bring Bed Bugs Into Your Home Part I Of II

Buying a new mattress is a costly endeavor for most people.  Nothing can be more frustrating than making a major purchase, only to find out a short time later that you have an unwelcome intruder that has moved into your home as a result of the expensive investment.  Many people across the United States have unwittingly had bed bugs brought to their home along with their new mattress.  The resulting bed bug infestations can be very frustrating as mattress retailers are slow to take the blame for the bed bug infestation and in most cases; the cost of eradicating the little monsters falls upon the consumer.

Many local and nationwide mattress retailers offer take-away mattress service when they deliver new mattresses to consumers.  Old mattresses are placed alongside new mattresses in the delivery trucks without any thought given to protecting the new mattresses from bed bugs or other contaminates.

New Jersey bed bug infestations, and those in other households around the US, can be avoided by doing a little research and requesting that a few extra precautionary steps be taken with your new mattress purchase.

If you are buying your mattress locally, it’s best to pick the mattress or box spring up directly to avoid cross contamination with bed bugs.  If you have ordered your mattress or have decided to have it delivered to your home, it’s important that you request that the mattress arrive completely wrapped and sealed in plastic, preferably in a box as well.  You should inspect the box and plastic wrapping outside your door and off the delivery truck prior to it entering your home.  If the plastic seal is not complete, you should not accept delivery of the mattress as you have a greater chance of cross contamination of bed bugs.

Please check back on Wednesday for the conclusion.

Bed Bug Summit Scheduled for February

Bed bug outbreaks have reached such colossal levels that at least five states have approached the Department of Defense for help with bed bug eradication. One state has even asked the EPA for permission to use a pesticide that is currently banned.

With bed bug infestations still cropping up all over the country and New Jersey bed bug infestations approaching epidemic levels, the EPA is busy preparing for the second national bed bug summit.  The February 2011 summit will include discussions on the progress that has been made in identifying and managing bed bug infestations as well as the necessary steps for preventing possible future outbreaks.

This summit could certainly shed some light on how federal, state and local agencies can collaborate on methods to control and prevent outbreaks.  For many families though, prevention of a New Jersey bed bug infestation starts right inside your home.

You’ve got to be diligent about inspecting your luggage upon returning home from trips.  It’s also important to closely examine backpacks, briefcases and laptop bags prior to entering your home after school and work.  Bed bugs can easily be picked up at hotels, in dorms and even on public transportation.

Try to steer clear of bringing used clothing and furniture into your home, especially if it is coming from homes that you aren’t very familiar with.  Used couches, chairs and clothing give bed bugs the perfect opportunity to gain access to your home to start an infestation.

If you see what you think might be a sign of bed bugs its critical that you contact a New Jersey bed bug specialist as soon as possible.  Reaching out to a qualified New Jersey bed bug professional at the first sign of a bed bug invasion is the best way to eliminate the threat and prevent a major infestation.

Beware Of Bed Bugs In New Jersey Schools

New Jersey pest control experts are warning residents that bed bugs could be found in area schools.  Because bed bugs are master hitchhikers, they can easily be transported home with children in book bags, winter coats, hats, gloves or clothing.  A Jersey City, New Jersey middle school student discovered bed bugs in a classroom several weeks ago.  He promptly told his principal about the bloodsuckers, but to date, the school has remained open for students.  With the holiday break approaching, school officials decided to keep the school in question open and “spot treat” any bed bugs that are seen in the school.  School official’s report that they are trying to confine the bed bugs to one floor of the school building until NJ pest control experts can provide complete services once the students are home for winter break.  The decision to not close the school and provide treatment by a NJ pest control specialist immediately could prove frustrating and costly for many families as it is very possible that students have already taken the blood suckers home with them.

The New Hanover County School District in Wilmington, North Carolina has recently discovered bed bugs in two of their public schools.  Their students are already on winter break and the schools in question are being aggressively treated by pest control experts.  In addition to pest control treatments, the School District has joined forces with the Health Department to develop a new protocol to follow when a school suffers from a bed bug infestation.

According to the New Hanover County School District, most School District’s in the United States are developing a plan for educating their families about how to deal with bed bug infestations, but there is no real protocol that a school should mimic when it becomes infested with the buggers.  School and Health Department officials hope to design a “cutting edge” bed bug eradication program that will not only help their School District, but also serve as a model for others who are seeking help in fighting bed bug infestations.

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