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Keep the Bugs Away from Your Next Picnic with These Tips

Everyone Wants to Enjoy a Picnic in Peace from Bugs... Here's What to Do.
Everyone Wants to Enjoy a Picnic in Peace from Bugs… Here’s What to Do.

If you’re planning an end-of-summer picnic in your yard, don’t let bugs ruin it for you. There are several ways that you can keep insect pests at bay, so you can have a fun and enjoyable time.

Keep Food and Drinks Covered Up

Ants, wasps, flies and other bugs are attracted to the scent of foods and drinks, especially if they’re sweet. Store food in tightly sealed containers, put leftovers away and place covers on open cans. Don’t forget to clean up crumbs and other messes right away to prevent an ant problem.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water provides places for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Getting rid of these sources of water helps reduce mosquito populations. Just to be safe, apply a bug repellent in the evening, so you won’t end up with itchy welts.

Fix Screens

If you’ll have guests coming in and out of your house during your picnic, make sure your screen doors don’t have any holes or tears. They can let bugs in, which could end up causing you to seek help from NJ pest control services before summer is over. Patch them up before your picnic, and you won’t have to worry about outdoor pests becoming indoor ones.

Whether you’re having backyard trouble with wasps, ants or flies, our NJ pest control services can help. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information on what we offer.

They’re Not Harmless – Sugar Ants Can Carry and Spread Salmonella

Protect Your Family From Ant Carried Disease
Protect Your Family From Ant Carried Disease

Ants are common throughout NJ, making them one of the main reasons homeowners get in touch with Monmouth County NJ pest control companies. Although some ants are more of a nuisance, others are considered health hazards. In the latter category, sugar ants are known carriers of Salmonella.

Which Ants Are Sugar Ants?

Sugar ants don’t just refer to one specific type of ant. Pharaoh, acrobat and odorous house ants are also commonly called sugar ants. These ants are drawn to sweet food sources, which is how they got their nickname. Since they make a beeline for food in residential homes, they put homeowners at risk of getting sick from Salmonella and other illnesses. As sugar ants move through homes, they spread these germs around. When you’re exposed to these germs, such as by eating contaminated food, you can end up becoming very ill.

What Should I Do About Sugar Ants?

If sugar ants have invaded your home, it’s crucial to find out how they got in. Otherwise, you’ll just end up getting more of these ants. Professional pest control experts can help you determine these entry points and seal them up in addition to getting rid of these pests.

If you have sugar ants or any other ants in your home, it’s important to get help from Monmouth County NJ pest control companies. Contact Allison Pest Control, so we can help eliminate your ant problem.

Do You Hate Ants So Much You’d Burn Down Your Home? One Man Did – by Accident.

Do You Hate Ants So Much You'd Burn Down Your Home? One Man Did - by Accident.
Do You Hate Ants So Much You’d Burn Down Your Home? One Man Did – by Accident.

Ants are no strangers to NJ homeowners and Ocean County NJ pest control companies. These tiny pests routinely make their way inside homes, where they spread germs and ruin food. If you’re tempted to get rid of them on your own, it’s important to watch what you use.

Fighting Ants with Fire

One man in Maine accidentally ended up burning his parents’ house down when he tried to use fire to get rid of an ant infestation. The man used wooden matches to eliminate these pests, which ignited combustible materials nearby. Flames quickly spread in the home, destroying it and claiming the lives of three family pets. This unfortunate story is a reminder of the importance of using safe methods to get rid of ants.

Eliminating Ants the Safe Way

Dealing with an ant infestation needs to be done as carefully as possible to avoid damage or injuries and reduce the risk of having these pests return. This means not using fire or other dangerous methods of pest control. Letting professional pest control experts handle it is the most effective way to eliminate ants for good and keep them from coming back into your home.

If you’re having an ant problem in your home, leave it to Ocean County NJ pest control companies to help you out. Contact Allison Pest Control, so we can rid your home of these tiny pests.

Researchers Identify that Ants Need Downtime Too!

Ants Need Rest and Relaxation Too!
Ants Need Rest and Relaxation Too!

Ants are known for being busy little creatures, but they do rest at times. In fact, scientists have found that ants actually achieve some form of work-life balance that we humans could learn from.

Downtime for Ants

Researchers at Missouri S&T have found evidence that ants take turns staying busy rather than being active all the time. While some ants in a colony take a break, others step in to make sure there’s plenty of labor to serve the colony. Then, the busy little ants take their turn resting, and the ones that were resting get back to work. Researchers noted that larger colonies focused even more on this work-life balance, which helps conserve energy for the entire colony.

Work-Life Balance for People

This research could lead to improved ways of achieving work-life balance for humans. Since ants conserve energy, this results in improved productivity for the colony as a whole. We might also learn better ways to manage resources within communities thanks to this research.

Even with rest times, there are still plenty of ants that stay busy causing problems for NJ homeowners. Monmouth County NJ pest control companies can help keep this under control by reducing their numbers and getting rid of infestations.

If you have an ant problem in your home, Monmouth County NJ pest control companies can help. At Allison Pest Control, our pest experts can eliminate ants from your home.

Seen These Insects Yet in Your New Jersey Home?

Be on the Lookout for Pests in Your Home. Awareness is the First Call to Action.
Be on the Lookout for Pests in Your Home. Awareness is the First Call to Action.

NJ is home to tons of different insect species. While many of these live outdoors, some of them make their home inside your home. You might need to hire NJ pest control services if you end up having one or more of these pests in your house. These are just some of the bugs that can be a nuisance in residences.


There are 67 beetle species in NJ, which means you have a good chance of seeing at least one of them in your home. Some of the more common species include varied carpet beetles, jewel beetles and Japanese beetles. You might also have emerald ash borers on your property, an invasive species that destroys ash trees.

True Bugs

You’ll find 30 species of true bugs in NJ, but hopefully, you won’t see them in your home. Some of these species, such as the brown marmorated stink bug, can be a big nuisance. Other species that you might see around include giant water bugs, leaf-footed bugs and hazelnut lace bugs.

Ants and Bees

NJ has 40 species of ants, wasps, bees and similar bugs. Common species include black carpenter ants, honey bees, golden northern bumble bees, red pavement ants and yellow jackets.

If you have bees, beetles or other pests in your home, contact Allison Pest Control right away. Our NJ pest control services can rid your home of common household pests.

What Are Ants Eating in My Spotless Kitchen?

Why Are Ants in My Spotless Kitchen?
Why Are Ants in My Spotless Kitchen?3

According to PestWorld.org, ants are America’s number one nuisance pest. They frequently get into your home through the tiniest of crevices, and even though you might be considering calling Freehold exterminators to get rid of them, what you’d really like to know is why are they attracted to your kitchen when you try to keep it so clean. Here’s some useful information that was written for you.

Ants Just Love Your Kitchen

You might think you’re being meticulous about keeping your kitchen clean, but what you might not realize is that even the smallest crumbs can be a feast for them. Sugar ants are attracted to sugar bowls, sticky substances on bottles in your cupboard, and even the dishes that might be left unwashed in your kitchen sink. The best way to prevent them is to do a thorough cleaning.

Water, Anyone?

Just like you would venture into your kitchen to get a glass of water, ants get thirsty too. Your kitchen is a prime resource when they need to get a drink, and if there is water on the counters, floor or sink, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to slake their thirst.

If you spot sugar ants or any other type of ant in your kitchen, your Freehold exterminators can help you get rid of them . It’s important to get to the heart of the infestation, and Allison Pest Control can help.