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Scent from Shed Bed Bug Skins May Become Bed Bug Trap Bait

Could this be an answer to bed bug control problems?
Could this be an answer to bed bug control problems?

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a headache, even for the best exterminator in Farmingdale, since these pests have been able to build up a resistance to commonly used pesticides. Fortunately, researchers are working on making it easier to eliminate them by studying their shed skins.

Shed Skin Scents

Scientists at the University of California in Riverside have been taking a close look at the pheromones, or scent hormones, that bed bugs leave behind when they shed their skins. These skins have compounds called aldehydes that attract bed bugs, which could offer a more effective way to find them and thoroughly eliminate them. In fact, researchers are studying ways to use characteristics of these skins to create cost-effective traps to monitor living bed bugs and stop infestations earlier. This could help make bed bug pest control more successful while also keeping costs down for property owners.

Dependable Bed Bug Control

Although traps that make use of this research aren’t available on the market yet, there are other ways to deal with bed bug infestations. Just keep in mind that the sooner you seek help for bed bugs, the easier it is to deal with these pests and put a stop to infestations.

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Five Important Things to Know About Bed Bugs

What You Should Know About Bed Bugs
What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

As the number of bed bug incidents grows in the NJ and NYC area, it’s important for you to know as much as you can about these pests. Keep the following information in mind, and get in touch with the best NJ exterminator if you see any bed bugs in your home.

1. Bed bugs are good at staying hidden. You might have more than you realize, since these pests can hide in the smallest crevices.

2. Bed bugs usually feed at night. They tend to target areas where your skin is uncovered, such as your face and hands. You probably won’t feel bites during feeding, but they can become red and itchy afterwards.

3. Bed bug bites vary. Some people have mild reactions, while others have more serious ones. Some people experience symptoms right away, while others don’t notice a reaction until a few days later.

4. Bed bugs don’t spread MRSA, a serious illness, although they can carry other pathogens, such as Chagas disease and hepatitis B.

5. Bed bugs can cause emotional distress. Some people develop anxiety and insomnia from having to deal with these pests in their homes.

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Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Control?

Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Control?
Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Control?

No one wants the bed bugs to bite, but these pests have earned a solid reputation for being hard to get rid of. Our Tom’s River pest control company wants you to understand why bed bugs are so difficult to defeat.

They’re Tiny

Bed bugs are tiny enough to slip into the smallest spaces, including loose wallpaper edges and light switch plates. This makes them harder to find, which is necessary in order to completely eliminate them from your home. Keep in mind that they can be anywhere in your home, not just in your bedroom.

They Multiply Rapidly

Bed bugs are able to reproduce at rapid rates. One female is capable of laying up to 500 eggs throughout her life. All of those offspring that she produces are able to start reproducing within just a few months. That leads to large numbers of bed bugs in your home very quickly.

They Adapt

Bed bugs are able to resist certain kinds of pesticides, which has made these products ineffective. They also learn to avoid areas where pesticides have been used, and they’re able to go a long time without having to feed, which means they can stay hidden away safely.

If bed bugs have invaded your home, please contact our Tom’s River pest control company for help. Allison Pest Control has effective ways to get rid of those pests and prevent them from coming back.

How Can You Protect Your Home and Family from Bed Bugs?

Check for Bed Bugs
Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can quickly and easily become a big problem in your home and put your family at risk of being bitten. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to protect your home from these bloodsucking pests. Keep in mind that if you have a bed bug problem already, it’s best to have a professional pest control company in Freehold help you out. Use these tips to lower your risk of getting bed bugs.

• Check and change bed linens often
Look for signs of bed bugs, such as the tiny black specks that they leave behind. Wash and change your sheets, blankets and other bedding often to lower your risk of having bed bugs.

• Inspect secondhand furniture and clothes
Before buying any used items that could harbor bed bugs, check them for these pests. Otherwise, you could accidentally bring them into your home.

• Check hotel rooms
Check the bed and rug in your hotel room for bed bugs before settling in. Leave your suitcase closed and on a rack instead of putting it on the floor.

• Get rid of clutter
Bed bugs can hide in piles of clutter around your home. Keeping it free of clutter can make it harder for these pests to find places to hide.

If you need to eradicate a bed bug problem, help from your local pest control company in Freehold is just a phone call away. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our residential services.

Bed Bugs Stay Where They Smell Other Bed Bugs

Make Sure Your Bedbugs Don't Come Back!
Make Sure Your Bedbugs Don’t Come Back!

All it takes is a few bed bugs finding a cozy place to make their home and you could easily end up with an infestation on your hands. Allison Pest Control in NJ has seen this situation play out many times, usually resulting in your family members waking up with bites all over their exposed skin and having to dispose of bedding.

Shed Skin is a Strong Attractant

Researchers found that bed bugs are attracted to the shed skin of other bed bugs. This means that it only takes a very small “pioneer” population to attract more bed bugs to the area. Even after you use commercially available insecticides, the molted skins and carcasses will still attract bed bugs.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

It takes the work of a professional bed bug extermination expert to get rid of these insects completely. Killing the ones that are present is only a part of the solution since you want to avoid having them reappear at a later time. Our team at Allison Pest Control can go through your home and eliminate bed bugs that are causing you a problem now, and set up chemical barriers to prevent their return.

For more about how Allison Pest Control in NJ can help you take care of your bed bug problem, please give us a call at 1-800-564-4585. Or you can visit us on our website at AllisonPest.com.

Do Bedbugs Prefer Colored Sheets?

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Call Allison Pest Control
Get Rid of Bed Bugs Call Allison Pest Control

Could the color of your bedsheets have an impact on bed bug infestations? Depending on the current color scheme in your bedroom, you might want to make some changes to your bedding.

Which Colors Attract Bed Bugs?

Researchers have discovered that bed bugs tend to be attracted to a couple of different colors, while other colors seem to make them keep their distance. Red and black are the colors that these pests are drawn to. Scientists believe bed bugs prefer these colors since they are similar to the coloring of these pests. Bed bugs typically gather in large numbers, so seeing red and black makes them think that other bed bugs are nearby.

Which Colors Repel Bed Bugs?

Researchers found that bed bugs usually stay away from green and yellow. The lighter tones of these colors might resemble light, which bed bugs avoid. It’s important to note that color preferences are also based on other factors, such as age and sex.

Keep in mind that having lighter-colored sheets isn’t a foolproof way to prevent bed bugs. Our NJ pest control experts can help lower your risk of having these blood-sucking pests in your home or get rid of any that have already invaded.

Don’t let bed bugs find a home in your bedding and other belongings. Contact Allison Pest Control for help. Our NJ pest control professionals offer reliable bed bug treatment.