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Bed Bugs Move to the Number 2 Spot for Insurance Claims

The Growing Nuisance of Bed Bugs is Now Costing Insurance Companies Big Money
The Growing Nuisance of Bed Bugs is Now Costing Insurance Companies Big Money

Bed bugs can leave itchy welts and force homeowners to get rid of belongings in an effort to eliminate these pests. That’s not the only trouble bed bugs cause. They’re among the leading drivers of liability insurance claims.

Second Place

Bed bugs have risen to the number two spot for the top animal-related liability insurance claims. They’re just behind deer incidents, which come in at 58 percent of claims. Bed bugs account for 21 percent of claims, followed by insect bites at 8 percent.

Bed Bugs on the Rise

This increase in insurance claims reflects the rise in bed bug populations, including in the NJ and NYC area. In fact, sightings of these pests in NYC hotels went up by more than 44 percent from 2014 to 2015. Although these infestations can occur at any time during the year, claims for bed bug damage tends to occur in spring and summer.

Help for Bed Bug Infestations

If homeowners detect and deal with infestations early, then they may not need to file insurance claims. Monmouth County NJ pest control companies can help you get rid of bed bugs.

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It’s Best to Discover Bed Bug Problems at Low Activity Levels

Catch Bedbugs Early Before They Get Out of Control!
Catch Bedbugs Early Before They Get Out of Control!

Catching a bed bug infestation early makes it easier to completely eliminate them with NJ pest control services. This involves being able to detect low-level bed bug activity, which can be difficult to do. Keep these tips in mind, so you can catch bed bug infestations as early as possible.

Use Bed Bug Monitors or Traps

If you have any reason to suspect a bed bug infestation, placing monitors or traps in your home can help you find these bugs early. In fact, this is among the most effective ways to detect low-level activity from these pests.

Do a Visual Inspection

This isn’t as reliable as monitors and traps, but taking time to do a visual inspection of your home can help you find bed bugs early. Check your mattresses and bed linens for signs of these pests, and look around your home for these bugs or stains that might indicate their presence.

Hire a Professional

Having bed bug professionals inspect your home and place traps or monitors, if needed, can provide you with peace of mind. If bed bugs are found anywhere in your home you can count on receiving prompt treatment for these pests to keep low-level infestations from becoming worse.

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University Bed Bug Researchers Encourage in-Lab Bed Bug Bites for Study

Bed Bug Bites
Bed Bug Bites Can Swell and Itch

It’s common for pest control companies in New Jersey to be called for help with bed bug problems. These pests have been on the rise in recent years in the NJ and NYC area. In order to deal with them effectively, it’s crucial for researchers to know as much about them as possible.

Bed Bug Bite Research

Scientists and entomology students in several parts of the country have been letting bed bugs bite them. This unusual research method allows them to do in-depth studies of these pests and learn more about them. Scientist Roberto Pereira let himself be bitten by tropical bed bugs, a species recently rediscovered in Florida. Doing so ensured that the colony would thrive, so that he and other scientists can study them. This species has reappeared in Florida for the first time in decades.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

While some scientists report that bed bug bites are painless for them, others find them painful. These bites can also cause a rash and other symptoms in some people. Homeowners should get professional pest control help for bed bug infestations to make sure these pests are thoroughly dealt with.

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Scent from Shed Bed Bug Skins May Become Bed Bug Trap Bait

Could this be an answer to bed bug control problems?
Could this be an answer to bed bug control problems?

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a headache, even for the best exterminator in Farmingdale, since these pests have been able to build up a resistance to commonly used pesticides. Fortunately, researchers are working on making it easier to eliminate them by studying their shed skins.

Shed Skin Scents

Scientists at the University of California in Riverside have been taking a close look at the pheromones, or scent hormones, that bed bugs leave behind when they shed their skins. These skins have compounds called aldehydes that attract bed bugs, which could offer a more effective way to find them and thoroughly eliminate them. In fact, researchers are studying ways to use characteristics of these skins to create cost-effective traps to monitor living bed bugs and stop infestations earlier. This could help make bed bug pest control more successful while also keeping costs down for property owners.

Dependable Bed Bug Control

Although traps that make use of this research aren’t available on the market yet, there are other ways to deal with bed bug infestations. Just keep in mind that the sooner you seek help for bed bugs, the easier it is to deal with these pests and put a stop to infestations.

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How Long Have You Had This Bed Bug Problem? How Professionals Know

How Long Have You Had This Bed Bug Problem? How Professionals Know.
How Long Have You Had This Bed Bug Problem? How Professionals Know.

Finding out you have bed bugs usually comes as a pretty big shock. Some victims want to know how long they’ve had them because there may be some satisfaction in knowing (or suspecting) how they came to be infested. You may be wondering the same thing, too, if you’ve recently discovered an infestation in your home.

Bed Bug Infestations and Determining Their Ages

Unfortunately, for larger bed bug infestations, the best exterminator in Brielle isn’t always going to be able to determine their ages. This is usually due to a number of different factors, such as:

• Whether or not the area has ever been treated before

• If a technician missed a spot during previous treatments

• The number of new bed bug introductions that have taken place

• How often individual bed bugs are feeding

For smaller infestations, it’s much easier to determine their ages because professionals can look at how many bugs are present, the number of eggs, and the various stages of life that are there.

Getting the Proper Treatment Regardless of Age

If you have a bed bug infestation at your home, the most important thing you can do is to get treatment as quickly as possible. As the best exterminator in Brielle, we can do a thorough inspection and provide you with the best treatment options for your home. If you would like to know more, or schedule an inspection, please contact us!

Crowdsourcing Bed Bug Notices, Getting the Public Involved in Reporting

Help Persuade Others to Report Bed Bugs.
Help Persuade Others to Report Bed Bugs.

With bed bug sightings on the rise, pest control companies in Freehold have been busy battling these pests. Keep in mind that bed bugs show up in a variety of public and private places, ranging from libraries and public transportation to apartments and houses. They’ve also been known to invade hotel rooms. How do you protect yourself from them? Crowdsourcing could be the answer.

Bedbug Reports

BedbugReports” is an online service that gives the public a chance to let others know where bed bugs have been spotted. It focuses on hotels and apartments in order to provide important information for those who are traveling or those who are looking for a new place to live. You can find out whether or not bed bugs have been spotted in certain cities and where those infestations occurred. This information can help you lower your risk of encountering these pests when you’re traveling or checking out potential places to rent an apartment.

Bed Bug Sightings

What should you do if you see any of these pests? Don’t hesitate to leave an online report for others. You should also get in touch with a pest control company to help eliminate these pests.

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