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Those New Jersey Carpenter Ants – Oh The Memory Lingers On! Part I Of II

Creepy carpenter ants are well known for their wood-destroying behavior.  Unlike termites, they don’t eat wood, but instead use wood to create their “galleries” which provide passageways for movement from place to place. 

For the first time ever, about two years ago my neighbor noticed a few large black ants traipsing across their kitchen floor.  Being that there were only a few, they were not too worried and they easily killed them with a quick smash of their finger.  The days that followed brought about a few more here and there; and still they were not concerned…until one fateful morning when they awoke to a full-blown invasion by what seemed like thousands of carpenter ants!  Instead of hiring a New Jersey pest control specialist, they decided to try to kill the beasts themselves with indoor sprays and traps.  These remedies kept the creatures away for a short time, but eventually the ants returned and more sprays and traps had to be used.

After fighting the battle of the ants for the entire spring and summer months, in complete desperation my neighbor finally hired a NJ pest control company for help in fighting the pesky creatures.  It was discovered that the ant colony was not only outdoors, but they had also taken a liking to a wall in their dining room and the sub flooring which had become damp because of faulty exterior gutter drainage.  The carpenter ant infestation was so extensive in the room that a 7’ x 5’ section of the dining room wall and an 8’ x 8’ section of the sub flooring had to be cut out of the room to repair the damage to the wood that was caused by the pests.

Please check back on Monday for the conclusion.

NJ Termites Will Destroy Property

Studies have shown that termites have been around since the beginning of time.  The subterranean termite colony is comprised of three different types of termites: the workers, the soldiers, and the reproductives.  Subterranean termites are considered to be the most destructive kind of termite.  If you have a NJ termite infestation, it is most likely of this variety.

Unlike wood-destroying carpenter ants, the subterranean termite consumes the wood that it comes in contact with.  These termites have a voracious appetite for wood, but will also eat wallpaper, insulation, plastics, and fabrics that are made from plant substances.  Subterranean termites need soil to survive as they live in underground colonies or in wet areas above the ground.  Termites build intricate tunnels from their soil locations to areas where their food supplies are located.

It is estimated that termites cause over $2 billion in damage to homes and businesses throughout the United States each year. Termite colonies relentlessly devour wood non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The residents and business owners in an area of Queens, New York witnessed first hand the power of the mighty termite this week.  Termites weakened a utility pole, which finally gave way to the bugs causing it to crash onto a car below. The falling pole caused a chain reaction whereas many other utility poles on the block also fell or are hanging by a thread.  The residents on the block were of course without power, but thankfully, nobody was injured.

NJ subterranean termites should always be considered a serious threat to your home or business as they can cause expensive damage to wood support beams, plastic plumbing pipes, insulation, sub-floorings, and building foundations. If you discover termites, or think you might have them, it is best to contact a NJ pest control professional for immediate termite inspection and/or treatment.

Don’t New Jersey Ants Die Off In The Winter?

New Jersey residents and business owners have all been subjected to the “ant march” as the weather turns from cold to warm in the early spring.  It’s at that time of year that pesky NJ ant instincts kick into high gear and they head from their deep underground dwellings in search of food and water.  Before you know it, the entire New Jersey ant colony, as well as the rest of the bug world will be roaring into high gear, ready for a new year of growth and reproduction.

At times however, NJ homes and businesses can find that they are overrun by different species of ants in strange locations during the winter months.  When you find ants indoors during the winter, it is definitely cause for concern.

One type of ant in particular that you need to be concerned with in New Jersey is the carpenter ant.  NJ carpenter ants are known for having primary colonies as well as satellite locations.  These satellite locations are typically located within a 150 foot radius of the primary colony.  During the cold winter months, New Jersey carpenter ants are not likely building up their colony strength, but they cannot be ignored because once the weather begins to warm, they will continue their destructive behavior.  Additionally, because NJ ants live deep below the earth’s surface, they can be found entering structures via cracks in foundations during the winter months as well.  Hiring a NJ pest control professional is the best way to control ant invaders!

Like with other types of creepy New Jersey insects, the type of extermination treatment that is required for NJ ants varies depending on the particular type of ant that is causing the infestation.  It’s always best to contact a NJ pest control professional so that a proper treatment plan can be put in place if you have an ant infestation.  Protect your New Jersey home or commercial building from a winter ant invasion by hiring a licensed NJ pest control professional to eradicate the buggers before spring arrives and the ant colony has time to grow once again!

Improper Pesticide Application Promotes Bed Bug Multiplication

Bed bugs are nibbling their way across the United States.  Nowadays, nobody is immune to the nighttime antics of these creepy bloodsuckers.  Being hitchhikers, anyone can pick them up at a variety of places.  Although there are products available on the market that are geared for personal use to consumers, they have proven time and time again to be useless for killing bed bugs.  Consumers are at the mercy of hiring a pest control professional to eradicate the blood suckers if they are unlucky enough to be suffering through an infestation.

In the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, a woman discovered that she had a bed bug infestation in her apartment.  She immediately notified her landlord who refused to pay for extermination services.  Having no other choice, the tenant paid a pest control company for treatment.  Unfortunately, the shoddy treatment of the buggers proved to be completely useless and in a short time, she noticed baby bed bugs crawling throughout her apartment.  Thanks to the help of a local media source who covered the story, and a different pest control company who offered eradication services for free, the tenant is now receiving the help she needs with her bed bug infestation.

Many insects and pests that plague New Jersey homeowners and businesses are brought about by leaving food substances unattended, trash uncovered, and areas that have overall dirty conditions.  Problem insects like ants, cockroaches, flies, rats, and mice can be controlled in NJ by removing their food sources and having a good pest control plan in place, but this is not the case when it comes to bed bugs.  Being that bed bugs feed on human blood, and they are the most difficult pest to eradicate for New Jersey homeowners and businesses, it is imperative that specific procedures are followed with these nasty nibblers.  Bed bug treatments require an experienced and trusted pest control firm like Allison Pest Control who knows how to eradicate the bugs before they get out of hand!  Hiring an inexperienced pest control company will definitely be a financial mistake and the misuse of insecticides could be disastrous!

Evil Carpenter Ants Can Strike Anytime

Business and homeowners in New Jersey have reason to worry when they see large black ants on the interior or exterior of their structure.  Large ants in most instances are carpenter ants.  Carpenter ants are the most common type of ant that you will find in the United States, and left untreated, they are a very destructive pest.

Unlike the destructive termite, carpenter ants do not “eat” wood.  Carpenter ants will however damage wood by hollowing it out while they excavate galleries for their nests, and tunnels for transportation.  These galleries have a smooth, sandpapered look to them.  In some instances, you will find piles of saw-dust like material (pieces of discarded shredded wood) nearby, but sometimes, it is hidden behind a wall void.

Carpenter ants are in constant need of water.  On the exterior, carpenter ants can be found in both dry and moist wood sources.  You can find them in wood piles, tree stumps and damaged trees.  On the interior, carpenter ants are often found around sinks and bathtubs, in baseboards, in cabinets, poorly sealed windows or door frames, wall voids, or any place where water could have, or is leaking.

Carpenter ants are not a “do it yourself” type of pest to eradicate.  Using home improvement store chemicals to spray your yard and pavement will kill some of the ants topically; but unfortunately, many ants will disperse and spread even further throughout the yard or structure.  When treating for carpenter ants, the entire colony, plus any satellite colonies, must be destroyed in order to achieve success.

Left untreated, it is not uncommon to find a carpenter ant nest with a queen and over 2000 workers.  Allison Pest Control operators can safely and efficiently locate the carpenter ant parent and satellite nests so that proper extermination can occur for the entire colony.