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New Jersey Spiders to Watch For All Year Long

NJ residents may notice a slowdown of ants, bees, flies, and mosquitos now that the weather has turned chilly. Some of these spring and summertime pests are hunkering down for the upcoming winter, while others are dying off as their species only allows them to live through the warmer months.

One type of critter that is still on the loose is the spider. Most spiders prefer to live outdoors, but as the weather turns cold NJ home and business owners may see an increase in spider activity inside of their structure report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators.

There are two dangerous spiders that exist in the state of New Jersey… the black widow and the brown recluse. Black widows like to hide in dark out of the way places. Other tidbits about black widow spiders:

* Black widows spin creepy haphazard looking webs which can easily snare a wandering insect.

* Black widows have a red hourglass marking.

* Black widow females are much larger than the males. Once mating is complete the female often eats the male.

The brown recluse prefers to build its web in well-hidden areas. Things to remember when trying to identify brown recluse spiders are:

* They don’t make webs in bushes or trees, Orb spiders do.

* The body length of a brown recluse is never larger than a half an inch.

* The coloring on the brown recluse is uniformly lightly colored on its legs and abdomen. You won’t see any stripes or banding on a brown recluse.

* The brown recluse has six eyes, not the standard eight, as other types of spiders do.

* A brown recluse spider has a dark violin shaped marking on the cephalothorax.

New Jersey Daddy Long Legs – A Scary But Harmless Critter

Most people may be surprised to learn that there are two creatures that are referred to as “daddy long legs”.  They are similar in looks, but aren’t similar in behavior or living habitats.  The two critters actually belong to separate groups of animals.  The most common name “daddy long legs” actually belongs to the Order Opiliones.  They live under rocks and logs and are rarely seen.  “Daddy long leg spiders” belong to the Order Araneae.  These spiders are the ones that are most noticeable to NJ homeowners report Monmouth NJ exterminators.

It is not surprising that people are afraid of daddy long leg spiders.  They have an oval body that is two segmented, but very difficult to see the two parts.  They have eight legs and create tangled webs in which they hang around in and await their snared prey.  The legs of daddy long leg spiders are long and thin.  These types of spiders are not fast movers so they are easy to pick up by their legs and move if a person can withstand the challenge without suffering the willies. These spiders also hang around doors and porches as they gobble up a multitude of insects.

It has long been believed that the venom of this spider is poisonous.  These spiders do have a fierce set of fangs and venom to kill, but will not cause problems for humans as their fangs are too small to penetrate human skin. Regardless, many homeowners don’t like spiders and need to hire a Monmouth County NJ exterminator to keep their home free of all types of spiders both inside and out!

Spring Awakens Eight-Legged Pests

If you ask most people, spiders are not high on their list of insects that they are fond of.  In fact, some people are so afraid of spiders that they are diagnosed with having “arachnophobia”, which is otherwise known as “the fear of spiders”.

Spiders come in many different sizes and colors.  Most spiders are not seen during the winter months, with the exception of the occasional indoor visitor that creeps across the floor or walls.  Come springtime however, like with other types of insects, there appears to be a spider explosion both indoors and outdoors.

Spiders are considered to be beneficial creatures as they serve to reduce the amount of nuisance insects that plague humans.  Some spiders build elaborate webs where they live, breed, lay their eggs, and entrap their food.  Webs such as those created by the black widow are spun haphazardly, to and fro with no pattern.  The black widow spider is one type of spider that will wait in the nest, or in a corner nearby, for an insect to become entrapped.  Once snared, the spider will quickly approach and deliver a deadly bite before eating its victim.  Some types of spiders such as the wolf spider will not spin a web but rather hunts its prey either day or night.  Wolf spiders are large and imposing figures but the pose no trouble for humans or pets.

The mere presence of spiders can be extremely frightening for many people which are why hiring a Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional is important. The trained technicians at Allison Pest Control will not only be able to eliminate spiders from the interior and exterior of your home, they will be able to eliminate other types of pests from gaining entry by creating a protective barrier around your home so that pests will not be able to come


Spiders…Beneficial And Pests!

Spiders inside of your New Jersey home can be a blessing and a curse depending on if you have arachnophobia, otherwise known as the “fear of spiders”.  Some spiders hunt for their prey while others lie in wait for their prey to be entrapped in their web report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.

Spiders are feared by many people for a variety of reasons.  Some don’t like the large sizes that they can reach.  Some people don’t like that you can see their eyes.  Some don’t like the speed in which they can travel, especially when you are chasing them with a shoe.  Some people are afraid of spiders because of the strange places that they develop their nesting spots.  For whatever the reason, one thing is for certain when it comes to spiders…they never hunt people.  In fact, spiders are likely more afraid of people then people are afraid of spiders, which is why they run the other way when a human is present.

Spiders are definitely a beneficial animal.  These eight legged creatures catch or ensnare a wide variety of insects that humans consider to be pests.  Having a spider or two hanging around is not too bad, but the problem arises when the inevitable spider babies are born and there are hundreds or thousands of spider babies to contend with.  Another tremendous problem is having spiders in or around your home that can deliver a painful or deadly punch of venom when they bite.

Humans that are bitten by spiders are an accidental occurance.  Bites usually happen when a human body part (typically a hand), reaches into or crosses by an area where a spider has claimed a stake to.  The reactions to spider bites vary from person to person.  Black widow spider and brown recluse spider bites can cause serious wounds and should always be examined by a medical professional.

The Cold Temps Are Not A Deterrent For Spiders Yet

If you have spent any time outdoors picking up leaves and sticks or putting up holiday decorations you likely did not see many critters running to and fro, with the exception of squirrels that is.  If you look closely and slow down however, you might be surprised to find that there is one species still out and about enjoying the chilly New Jersey temperatures.

I have been quite surprised to find the huge amount of spiders hiding and creeping around my yard and in my garage.  Different types of spiders have also made themselves at home indoors.  Spiders used to make me scream, but not so much any longer.  Unless they are poisonous, or climbing on my body, they have a good chance of survival if they are anywhere near me.  Those that happen under my desk are usually doomed however as I don’t want any spiders venturing up my leg…but I digress.

While outdoors, I was surprised to find that two black widow spiders had made their home in two separate yard waste trash cans.  Their messy webs zipping across the top of the empty cans were quite noticeable and it did not take long to discover the little ladies waiting for their prey in their web.  Needless to say, the black widows had to go.

While cutting up trees that had fallen in the backyard we were shocked to see the amount of spiders that were roaming about the fallen debris.  Although the trees gave the spiders some cover, there did not appear to be any other insects for the spiders to eat.  There were at least 20 different types of spiders that we shooed away from our work site.

The moral is, despite the cold temperatures, the critters are still alive and well in New Jersey.  If you need them out of your home call a pest control professional like Allison Pest Control.

Spiders…Should I Be Afraid?

When most people think of spiders, they do not have good thoughts.  In fact, some people suffer from Arachnophobia, which is acute fear of spiders.  Most spiders are not poisonous, yet they are one of the most feared creepy crawlers on the planet report Monmouth County pest control experts.

The Mail Online reported on June 12, 2012, that scientists in the United Kingdom may have identified why spiders are so disliked by so many people around the world.  Researchers have discovered that many humans are afraid of how spiders look and how they move.  It has also been discovered that people who have a fear of spiders do so because of the unpredictably of the spiders reactions.  Another interesting thing that scientists have discovered is that humans prefer insects that have curves, rather than those which have angular shapes.  Humans also have a problem with insects that have dark colors as opposed to those that are colorful.  This explains why many people like insects such as the bumble bee, lady bugs, and butterflies, but not spiders, cockroaches, stink bugs, moths, ants, etc.

Scientists also note that the fear of spiders and other insects begin with the parents.  If parents are fearful of spiders, then children in the household will eventually have a fear of them as well.

In England, researchers held a public session for residents to help them gain an understanding and sympathy for spiders and other types of insects.  As part of the learning technique, mealworms were cooked in a stir fry for attendees of the festival. Many might agree that that is taking the lesson plan too far!

My guess is that it is unlikely that you will find people who are willing to fry up and dine on any type of spider in the United States.  Until then, a Monmouth County, NJ pest control expert can help to keep spider populations down around your home or business by providing regular pest control treatments.  Call Allison Pest Control for help with spiders or any other type of invading creepy crawler.