Beware of Bed Bugs during Winter Vacations

If you’re planning a winter getaway or a spring break vacation, keep an eye out for bed bugs. These annoying pests continue to be a problem at hotels, motels and resorts across the country and around the world. While many hotels and resorts have implemented staff training and regular inspections to minimize bed bug risk and catch infestations early, there is little they can do to prevent bed bugs.

Unlike other common insect pests, bed bugs are not attracted by food or filth. These apple seed-sized pests arrive hidden in the luggage of hotel guests, scurrying out to hide in hotel rooms when suitcases are opened. When guests leave, bed bugs are left behind. If you are unfortunate enough to be the next guest, you could wake up itching and scratching from painful bed bug bites. And when you leave, a few of these blood-feeding pests may leave with you hidden in your luggage.

Staying in 3- and 4-star hotels may decrease your risk of coming into contact with bed bugs if the hotel has an aggressive prevention program, but it is no guarantee that your vacation will be bed bug-free. Bed bugs are equal opportunity pests that are as likely to infest luxury hotels and upscale chains as bargain motels.

To minimize your risk of sharing a room with bed bugs, check to see if bed bugs have been recently reported at a hotel before making a reservation. Bed Bug Registry is a free, public database of public-reported bed bug incidents. Keep in mind that reported bed bug infestations may have been effectively treated and eliminated by an experienced bed bug exterminator.

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